Abel Chua Review

This Abel Chua review is based on our personal experience with Abel’s IMarketing Success Team system and his solo ad sales business.

Abel Chua is CEO of his Global Blaze Marketing  company where he specializes in marketing numerous products and advertising in numerous niches. They are specialized in internet marketing niches , running advertising campaigns, participate in affiliate marketing systems and also product creation campaigns.

You can learn more about Abel Chua and his solo ad sales at his site at abel-chua.com.

What caught our attention when first introduced to Mr. Chua was his passion for this online marketing business, his eagerness to help others and his definite grasp of traffic and how to grow our businesses into a nice full time and beyond income.

Abel Chua

As mentioned, we first found Abel when experimenting with solo ads. Solo ads are where you buy “clicks” to send traffic to your online program. A click is like one visitor sent to your programs capture page. If the clicks will convert to sales them you may have a profitable result. With Abel you may buy 100 clicks or some other number for a price. Ideally you will make sales to cover the solo ad cost, with a profit. This can be instant traffic and sales to your business.

Abel Chua has a reputation for delivering the clicks as ordered and many pleased customers.

Most recently he has created a marketing system, called the IMarketing System where he is offering a way to sell two of the most popular programs online which are Pure Leverage, and Empower Network. He actively participates in his team forums and helps them to get their traffic systems in place.

Many people online are seeing the value in   Pure Leverage  and   Empower Network  for a few reasons including they offer true value in the products and the products are the basis for any online business. The problem is few are knowing a way to sell these programs and Abel Chua and IMarketing Success have provided the solution. network

One thing we feel you can really learn from Abel is his overall knowledge of how online traffic and sales work. Most important is his knowledge of affiliate marketing and building your list. As you build your list promoting various affiliate marketing programs or products, you are creating a means to sell YOUR list and earn a never ending income. We will leave these details for you to check out our in system as it is too much to explain in this brief review.

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We see Abel Chua as a breath of fresh air in this online community and recommend him without hesitation.



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