American Home Profits Review

American Home Profits Review

Having been online for some 7 years we have seen many changes in the economy but we must say the times now are scary.

We see many looking for American Home Profits where we can earn a side income or full time income from home.

We see thousands a day stop by our website looking for answers, a way out of the rat race, a way to supplement below poverty level retirement benefits. We see people searching for things like “please help I need a job”.

Folks, with the potential the internet has, American Home Profits is very real and can help all these people.

BUT, for some reason many will never achieve any income level online.

American Home Profits

The people searching online and are in near desperate straits are not only “American”, this is a Global problem from what we see with people subscribing to our offers.

What can we do to help?

Our top rated program is only $10/month which sadly is not affordable to those that are in desperate straits but there are many that can afford it and in time if we learn to share the program and mnarket it using FR.EE advertising it is very realistic to turn $10 into a downline of over 19000. Yes, I have a downline of active and inactive people that large. I am blessed and want to share that with everyone.

Here is a sad statistic that may help all of you looking for American Home Profits but jump from program to program looking for what “works? Folks, they ALL can work, if we learn the work needed to get even one sale.

I get 2000 visitors a day to my websites. That turns into about 20-30 optins, which then results in about 6-15 sales a week. Do you see the VOLUME of traffic needed to make a sale. Think of it….14000 weekly people stop by but 6-15 buy. This is where many fail in online businesses. They think a few ads can get them many sales.

The real message in this article is this: 98% of you reading this will still keep looking for the program that will work and sadly end up with lost money “trying programs” and eventually you may give up hope.

Imagine if that 14000 people that visited my site all joined me. That would create easily 28 people a week earning $500 extra a week OR MORE!

In a year that would create nearly 1500 people earning $500 a week or more.All they would need to do is join…then the next “visitor” who stopped by would be THEIR customer, and so on.

It can be so easy, but we all keep searching for the silver lining while the answer can be right in front of our eyes.

I realize it is probably impossible to have everyone that sees my site join, but I am trying to show us how crazy it is for all of us to be looking for that business to help us financially, when all we all need to do is join one business, and grow from there. Meanwhile those selling all the latest and greatest are making a lot of income selling to all the people looking for that magic solution.

I hope this was helpful in some way. Stay focused and pick ONE program and learn to get traffic to it. In today’s economy a $10 program is easy to sell. Up to about $25 will sell from websites. More than that and you may need to call people.

American Home Profits is real for anyone if they know the truth to generate traffic and make sales.         Check out our solution to

American Home Profits here.

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