Ann Sieg Review

Ann Sieg is a top marketer with a website at who offers her Renegade book, Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto information, and her Renegade Professional training.

Ann SiegMost recently, Ann Sieg wrote the powerful and FREE Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto and has teamed up with Mike Klingler of Renegade University – and they released Renegade Professional.

She understands effective marketing in all aspects and is a forward thinking, successful internet marketer who has built an empire out of providing quality educational content to the network marketing industry.

Her educational approach to network marketing is something that is very much needed in this industry and her book is proof of that.

One of her students which I found by googling “Ann Sieg” boasted of being able to recruit 15-20 people a month into his primary business using Ann’s teaching.

Now that is a great achievement in this online business world where so many never see a prospect (opt it) let alone a sale.

I personally recruit 10-15 a week, BUT that is only because that level of activity is enough for me so I can assist those new members.cI can get more if I boosted my traffic!

My point is, your ability to recruit larger numbers is all dependent on your ability to generate quality traffic to your business…assuming your business “capture page” indeed converts those people to “sign ups” or “recruits”.

Ann Sieg is a perfect example of branding ones self to create a following to her teachings ,with the intent that anyone of you reading this will be able to follow in her footsteps to YOUR success, by duplicating her to some degree.

The problem with “branding” in this from my experience is 99% or better of all of you reading this review will not be “as like” Ann Sieg.

You won’t want to brand yourself all over the internet, you won’t want to invest in things to help brand you, you won’t want to make videos of yourself claiming to be the next up and coming marketer to create your following.

You just want a simple way to start to earn some income online, agree?

How do I know this?…. and what can I recommend to all of you that are saying, yep, I can’t do all that branding stuff, but I sure would like to work “behind the scenes” and build a side income… leading to a full time income.

well, I get nearly 10,000 daily hits to this website from people looking for a simple way to earn extra income.

I can tell you that 99.999% just don’t have the time or desire to become front page online news.

I can recommend a program that is low cost, so it fits todays economy, and I have traffic that anyone can COPY to get sales…even up to 10-15 , and you DO NOT need to worry about branding.

I have found this style of online marketing to suit most people. Sure some want to be a a household success name, but most just want to make some extra ca$h, then make more if their program works nicely for them to ramp it up.

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Ann Sieg has some very good teachings, it just isn’t for all, so click below to see what has made many of my recruits from newbies to earning a nice income from home.

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