Banners Broker Review Scam Ponzi?

This Banners Broker Review will uncover the truth about this online program.

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Being a member of Banners Broker and having earned some income from their system  we can offer you our personal experience with this program.

We will conclude at the end of this Banners Broker review that it is currently not paying (us and many of our online friends) so we will have to say stay away and do not join.

First some background….

How does Banners Broker work?

banners broker

There are several ways to earn with Banners Broker:

As a Publisher – Website owners are able to sign up for a free account and register their websites or blogs, while submitting the necessary details like traffic statistics, website topic, industry and other information. You will then be able to put banners on your site that is relevant to your blog or site and fits with your sites content. You will earn revenues for impressions that are generated through your website traffic.

As an advertiser – You can register your business and specify where you want your banners to be displayed in the terms of geographic location, or impressions or  industry. Ads will be placed on websites that match the advertiser’s criteria, and you will be able to monitor and evaluate the results of ads through an online tracking system. When you are registered as an advertiser you will receive a 1000-banner campaign for free in order to test the platform and see how well it works for you.

Combo Package – If you are both an advertiser and website owner looking for more traffic the Ad-Pub Combo package can be purchased, even if you do not have a website. While you pay for advertising you can earn revenue.

So for the million dollar question, is Banners Broker a scam, a ponzi scheme, or legit?

Well, initially it seemed to be a nice program. One could build up “panels” that each paid at a future date. Many were earning nice cash commissions and were paid by a debit card. Then in early 2013 some started to see slow payments and then partial payments.

Sadly the program seemed to slowly fade and not pay anyone we know that was involved.

So whether Banners Broker was a scam or a ponzi is yet to be determined, but one thing we noticed is many of us that were roughly at the break even point of our invested moneys vs payouts, is when the program seemed to slow or stop paying.

This would tend to say it was a ponzi type deal where unless there are enough funds coming in to pay those due payments, the program collapses on itself due to it is not sustainable.

There are many “HYIP” type programs online, and these we suggest you stay away from. Some join them and take the risk of losing money, but we don’t recommend those types of programs unless you are willing to lose ALL of your invested money.

Never invest what you are not willing to lose.

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EASY To Use System

Let’s hope these program creators get wise and create something like Banners Broker but is truly sustainable as there are so many people that could use the financial help.


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