Best Place To Buy Domain And Hosting

It’s a daunting task trying to start a work at home business and not knowing the in’s and out’s of  where to find the best place to buy domain and hosting.

Best Place To Buy Domain and Hosting

We will offer our experience since our start in 2006 (actually 2004) but our first website was started in 2006.

The best place to buy domain and hosting  should include the following before you buy:

1. You will probably have more than one website and more than one domain so be sure to select a domain and hosting service that offers you the best customer service.

2. Choose a site that offers a way to earn income from your domains or hosting. As you grow your business, you will likely have new members needing a domain name or hosting. So, if YOU can sell them these items, you can grow a nice residual income.

3. Think about this: what if you had 100 members on your team. Then each had 3 domains and you earned say $4 from each domain/hosting account. That could be 100 x $4 or $400. This is RESIDUAL income.  This is just an example of what can happen with the right domain and hosting service.

What I am leading up to is this.

The best place to buy domain and hosting is from a company that offers a way to EARN from your purchases.

The ONE thing we all need when trying to start an online business is a domain and hosting  system/account. If you can have a built in way to earn from that then you are golden.  We all think to join these so called get rich quick programs but at the end of the day the people that are making a silent killing are those that are supplying the domains and hosting service s and YES these are residual income builders.

When the gold rush of the 1800’s happened, not too many people got rich from finding gold. Many got rich from supplying the shovels, the screens, the places to eat and sleep. Are you seeing the picture?

Our strong suggestion on the best place to buy domain and hosting is to check our this link:

Global Domains International

GDI is the best place to buy domain and hosting because it offers a work at home residual income opportunity with website builders and other support that EVERYONE needs to start any online business.


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