BidXcel Review; Is This Another Zeek Rewards?

Our BidXcel Review is hot off the press. Some of you wondering what’s a “press”. Showing my age I guess.

In our BidXcel Review we found out the Co-founders of BidXcel are Andrew Bracken and David Hofer, both with many years of business experience , and years working in the penny auction industry .

Their goal is to build a superior product to Zeek , and they have some great and unique ideas . Zeek Rewards BTW was a penny auction that WAS earning many people very nice incomes, and offered many HOPE in these tough times. The SEC shut them down a few months ago claiming they did not have a viable sustainable business. There is a lot of info that says they were incorrect, jumped the gun, and now have a mess to resolve. Think of the people that were earning money to pay their bill’s….did they act correctly? Let’s hope so.

Back to our BidXcel review.

My sponsor in another work at home program is currently testing BidXcel and he is seeing a very nice daily income of $85-$100, based on his starting level and the way the penny auction works. I will join soon once we test.

Penny Auction Basics-BidXcel Review exclusive:

BidXcel Review

1.Penny auction sites list items for auction starting at $0.01 and a count down timer that times down BUT….
2.Each time any one bids on the item, the items price is increased by $0.01 and 5-20 seconds are added to the count down timer.
3.When the count down timer reaches zero the auction ends. The last person to bid wins the opportunity to purchase the item at it’s auctioned off price which is usually a huge savings.
4.You win the auction if you are the last bidder and the clock reaches zero.

You may see where the auction makes their money?  If only YOU win the item, and many others were bidding on it, there is a good chance that those others more than paid for the item….. 🙂

So continuing our BidXcel review, from the bidder’s perspective, this is how penny auctions work-this could be you:

1.To bid on an auction, you must purchase bids. Bids usually cost between $0.50 and $1 per bid.
2.The idea is to win an auction spending as few bids as possible.
3.You can buy bids at any time but the idea is to not spend more than we feel the item is worth normally purchased.
4.Each time you bid it spends one of the bids in your bid account.
5.The money you spent on the bid is gone as soon as you bid on an auction.
6.Each time you bid time is  added to the countdown timer of the auction and the price of the auction goes up by 1 penny (usually).
7.To win the auction you have to be the last person to place a bid and the auction timer has to count down all the way to zero. This is where the FUN is. You will be “competing” with others watching that timer.
8.If you run out of bids and do not purchase more your auction is over if someone outbids you.

So, to complete this BidXcel Review,how do you earn money in Bidxcell?

You can be a member and give away bids to others. You then can earn a daily commission on bids given away. That’s a very simplified explanation but the idea is we do need to do something to get paid and the bids need to be used.

We have a primary business program that you can get FREE info on here, but we are always adding legit income streams:

==>>     Easy To Earn Income Programs

We will be joining this one soon based on our test result so far.

We hope this BidXcel Review was helpful.

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