Brokering Notes Reviews- Another Scam or Legit?

Brokering Notes sounds like an easy way to make some cash.

Brokering Notes is a program offered by Charter Financial and is advertised to teach the art of successful note brokering.

Note that  we said “art” of note brokering, it seems you do need a certain skill in this area to understand it and make it work for you.

If you take a look at, there is a claim that brokering notes by being a note broker is like any other home based businesses and can give you the freedom to earn a full or part time income while working from home; so far so good.

With Charter Financial at, their program is said to help with locating note sellers. Then they walk you through the proper steps to complete a transaction and you make money where you would be an independent representative of Charter Financial.

Brokering Notes

You would be able to choose how much or how little you want to work and earn accordingly.

From what we have determined, there may be more to note brokering that you need to check with your local legalities. For example you may need a license to sell this.

Some people have found themselves in trouble with the SEC by not having the proper licensing for example so do your due diligence.


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This article also seemed to offer some interesting input on Brokering Notes   Brokering Notes .

Keep in mind no matter what program you choose to join, you will need to learn some skills, and in our programs we keep is EASY and SIMPLE so anyone can just COPY what we do. Duplication of what we do is how you will copy us then show your new customers. If it isn’t relatively easy, it won’t duplicate as nice as you hoped and your business will get off to a slow start. We hope you realize there is no “get rich quick” schemes other than those that take your money and make someone else rich.

I would recommend doing your due diligence before getting involved with Brokering Notes or any other similar program.


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