Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo

Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo

I met Buddy Rich many years ago, I’m digging up the pic’s to also post.

There are so many amazing talented drummers out there but I thought Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo should be my first post to this section of my blog.

He just always was over the top in technicals and his energy right up until he passed.

Below is only one Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo that I actually did not see before and it had some great get down to business straight drumming.

Hope you enjoy this Buddy Rich video and solo: Click Here To Watch!

buddy rich

This is me and Buddy Rich sometime around 1979 ish….all of us drummers sat behind him mesmerized by is playing. I recall he “complained” the sound wasn’t good and he couldn’t hear, but he still played like no other I have seen live. It was breathtaking to say the least being that close watching him perform. He played at a place called “Lackey Plaza” in downtown Niagara Falls, NY (yes there is a City called Niagara Falls and a waterfalls too; I grew up there and still live a few miles north in Lewiston,NY.

buddy rich

I started playing drums around 8 years old, and still play in local bands today. Probably one of few things I have done for almost my whole life, but if you are a drummer you know what I’m talking about. It’s like in our blood or something. A life long learning experience.

I recall watching many Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo on Mike Douglas show, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson ( who also played drums), and even the I Love Lucy show. I am probably dating myself but those were some great times. Anyone else remember?

In junior high school we are just kind of getting into the “rock era” from more of a jazz music scene, and Buddy was still one of all drummers inspirations at that time. Gene Krupa was another great who I will post soon. I remember when he passed, I was in 9th grade and my drummer buddy from band told me. Sad day or sure.

Long live Buddy Rich music and his inspiration to so many other great drummers.

Hope you enjoyed this Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo and some reminiscing.


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