Direct Mail Post Card Marketing VS. Online Marketing

Direct Mail Post Card Marketing VS. Online Marketing.

Which would you choose?

Everyone flocks to the internet to try to make money at home in some online business, but the fact is 98% still fail.

Can we somehow improve the stats using a Direct Mail Post Card Marketing business?

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Let’s first watch this brief video on Direct Mail Post Card Marketing and let me know what your thoughts are.

Well, what are you thinking?

If you are a past failure in an online program, or maybe you failed in several online marketing programs, you are not alone.

Direct Mail Post Card Marketing

It is not easy to learn all the things we need to know and do to run an online business not to mention if your product or program may need to have you call your prospects to make a sale. Not many of us can close a sale!

One thing we looked for when we found this Direct Mail Post Card Marketing  business was:

1. It had to be easy so anyone can run it.

2. It had to show growth quickly so new members could get into profit fast.

3. It had to sustain members so growth of our downline would indeed happen.

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Direct Mail Post Card Marketing program yo ucan click this link and get our free info.

The program is called Downline Building Network aka DBN , run by Gerald Peters for over 9 years…no worries of DBN suddenly disappearing leaving you with no business and a lot of work for nothing.

IF you are excited and want to get started ASAP, the FIRST step to joining is to get a FR.EE business kit from the is totally with no obligation to do anything more. Simply Call: 1-866-722-5363 for a FREE business kit use ID# 60339 and leave your name and address…this is absolutely free…it’s how DBN explains the business to serious inquiries.Let me know when you have the kit and your next questions…

So getting back to our Direct Mail Post Card Marketing review here, we really don’t see that many people finding fast success in any online program we were in, no mater how much we worked to teach them. However in offline post card programs all you really need to do is:

1. place a stamp on a post card.

2. place the pre typed address label on the post card.

3. mail the post card

4. join other company sponsored coop’s to get additional post cards out or more leads. The more leads we get the faster we see growth.

5. MOST important. Do NOT expect a get rich quick result NOTHING online is get rich quick. Many programs have ads that suggest we will get rich quick but that is mostly HYPE. Yes if you have a large list of followers and traffic you can make bigger sales faster. But think this way….it takes time for any downline to form. To get say 200 members in your downline where they all may take a few days or weeks to make a decision to join, you can see it may take some time to see your downline form.

Once it does form, you have a solid residual income for life.

Direct Mail Post Card Marketing is the easiest way for anyone to get started growing a nice downline that can pay you for many years and once you build it, it can keep paying when when you don’t work it.


Downline Building Network Reviews

Downline Building Network is one of the best OFFline programs around.

We have been online and we all know online marketing is not what it used to be.

Downline Building Network offered by Gerald Peters is a welcome breath of fresh air compared to the crazy (lack of good) marketing we see in the online world.

In the review we will offer our experience after now about 13 weeks in the Downline Building Network program and why we see it getting better every day.

Why Downline Building Network Rocks!

1. Downline Building Network has been in business 9+ years. Most new programs will fail in 1-3 years.They passed the test if time due to a successful business design.

2. Gerald Peters, the owner of Downline Building Network will talk to you, yes he answers the phone!

Downline Building Network

3. ALL of the marketing with Downline Building Network works. This includes the post cards, many coops, followup systems and much more!

Check this out to see what Gerald has to say: Downline Building Network

4. TOO BUSY?  You can run your business hands off by having Downline Building Network send the cards out for you for a very minimal fee, and also the followups to pre enrollees can be all done for you. You literally can have a business running for you in the background and not do anything but collect the pay checks and manage how the company advertises for you.

5. Very easy to work with office staff.

6. Our team is fast growing and we have a Facebook group page to help newbies learn marketing or anything they may need to know. You do NOT need to do anything but place a stamp on your cards then followup with pre enrollees but some want to learn as much as they can about marketing and we have the personnel to help…all for free.

GET MORE FREE info here: DBN- Downline Building Network

7. The compensation plan for Downline Building Network is designed to help your downline. You make the most money from the matrix from your 1st level members downline. This then created a situation where you are helping your 1st level, and they do the same to theirs. It assures people are successful and it works!

8. SPILLOVER!  Yes you will see sign ups from spillover that comes from your upline or from the companies many advertising methods. Many of our new sign ups see 1-2 paid members when they just joined!

9. Three starting levels to meet your budget. $30, $50 and $100 levels. You cannot earn more than the commissions at your paid level. You will most likely see more growth from the $100 level than the $50 or $30 levels. This is a numbers game where the more we advertise the more we earn.

10. We tried other post card direct mail programs but we found Downline Building Network aka DBN to be the best. The team synergy is over the top and its just a nice system to be part of.

GET MORE FREE info here: DBN- Downline Building Network

Here’s an update of my status after about 11 weeks…each week I see growth with new members joining and those people getting new members. That’s the secret to downline building, if you see growth and people staying on because they see sign ups….then no one will feel like this isn’t working!

Downline Building Network flat out WORKS!  We all can’t wait until a year or so in this business where we will be financially and then beyond in Downline Building Network !




Marketing With Postcards

Marketing With Postcards could be the answer to your financial worries.

Marketing With Postcards can involved one of two key areas: 1. using a system that uses post cards to make income or 2. using post cards to bring leads and possible buyers (sales) to ANY business or product.

What if you could have the best of both and earn nice residual income Marketing With Postcards!

Post cards have been around for a long time and are likley to be around for many years as a way to get an advertisement to a prospect who then may buy your product or join your business.

Marketing With Postcards

Many “online” marketers are not flocking to the offline world for this one simple reason….offline post card marketing is the same as it has always been and will be that way for years. Online or internet marketing is always changing and if you are lucky enough to learn how to make a sale online, you better keep up with the changes or your business could crash with just one change online that you have no control over.

Is that the type of business you really want or would Marketing With Postcards be a lot simpler?

One program we found that incorporates BOTH of these ideas where you can use a system and just copy it by sending cards, THEN use the leads to either market another program or product OR just simply market the post card program itself is Downline Building Network aka DBN

In Downline Building Network you are essentially building a network of leads or your downline but many of them may join your business and you will earn a residual income from their membership.

You can then contact these leads and they may join other programs you may be in or you can sell your own or other products to them.

The alternative is to try to create your own post card that converts well, then locate a lead list to send the post cards to, then adjust this until the cost for cards and leads and postage becomes less than the income you generate.

Not many Marketing With Postcards systems work the same and some work better than others.

Downline Building Network works very good and this is because it has been around for 9 or so years and is very much a fine tuned money making machine.

While you surely can Marketing With Postcards on your own, but please realize it takes skills to create the ad copy on a post card and the system that is used to followup to become profitable.

It is always best to COPY a proven system then keep working at it with a long range plan and mindset.

Downline Building Network aka DBN

If you have interest in our Marketing With Postcards system, click the links above and subscribe for free information on how we build a downline and earn residual income from those memberships PLUS other back end product sales.

Our team is a top DBN team and we are here to stay and help you create a new financial situation for your family.

Remember Marketing With Postcards is easy and is the future and no one is going to stop the idea of post cards being sent.

Online or internet marketing can get shut down tomorrow with no warning.Is that the type of business you want?

Marketing With Postcards Rocks!


Make Money With Post Cards

Make Money With Post Cards may be the solution to your families financial woes.

It is a fact that most people on the internet are making zero income.

Make Money With Post Cards is an OFFline way to earn income.

There are many reasons OFFline is working better than Online nowadays.

One big reason is the simplicity of sending a post and how Make Money With Post Cards can grow to a nice full time income.

Our experience is at least 8 years of trying to find a work from home program that actually grew to a full time income and’ offered a rea business income and long term potential.

Make Money With Post Cards

We did very well with a company called GDI which we are still a member and still collect residual income checks, BUT that program for some reason started to convert less and many members quit.

We looked everything Online for something that was similar but we saw just a lot of BS and hype which we knew was not factual income possibilities so we turned to OFFline. Make Money With Post Cards was the solution for us.

You see in Make Money With Post Cards all you really need to learn or do is put s stamp on some post cards and send them out. A percentage of those will respond and they will join your team. Our team is also on Facebook so we have great support there to help any level marketer.

Make Money With Post Cards does not require Facebook or any other marketing skills but to send post cards.

The key to ANY business growth is to stay a member long enough so your income becomes profitable. It is rare to join any business and in the first ad become very profitable. I usually hope for break even, bit sometimes it can be less than break even the first few ads sent.

In the Make Money With Post Cards program we chose many are seeing at least break even on the 1st or 1st few mailings of cards

We are also seeing great retention meaning people don’t quit. This usually happens when people are happy with the results.

The program we are currently promoting is called Downline Building Network aka DBN.

It was created by Gerald Peters a past online marketer who saw big success there but also realized the Make Money With Post Cards arena was way more lucrative. It has been around for about 9 years as this is written.

This is a unique program because it offers a lead source as you get leads from your post card mailings. These leads can be offered any program including DBN. I have several members using the finely tuned DBN program as a lead source for their other programs. EVERYONE needs leads so this program and product are for sure long term.

Compensation plan/Levels to join:

MOST IMPORTANT SECRET TO UNDERSTAND- many people want to know the comp plan. My answer always is this: if the program is difficult to sell, and the members do not see a reason to remain active, then the comp plan is irrelevant. You MUST find a program with a system that converts sales EASILY so you don’t need to learn all sorts of skills or be a sales closer to make a sale. In DBN the sales come from the mailing of the post cards, and we followup with our pre enrollees with a thank you card which converts many more resulting in a very fast growing downline and income.

There are three levels you can join and you earn differently depending on the level you choose.


$30- earn up to $588 a month from a full matrix with only 84 downline.

$50- earn up to $980 a month from a full matrix with only 84 downline.

$100- earn up to $1960 a month from a full matrix with only 84 downline.

The above assumes your downline are all at the same level, $30,$50 or $100. Reality says they will be a mix of all three.

You can also keep adding full matrices with no limit. Imagine the potential!

You can only earn up to the level YOU are at. So if you are a $50 member, and recruit a $100 member you earn as if they were a $50 member.


I will only briefly cover this here as it is pretty involved and a future video will explain or give us a call.

DBN is a 4 x 3 matrix. Your 1st level is 4 people. 2nd level is 16 and 3rd level 64 for a total of 84.

It fills top down left to right.

So, in this Make Money With Post Cards offer, your efforts will fill your downlines matrix causing spill over. This helps with sponsors working to help their downline.


While this blog review is ONline advertising, it is NOT necessary to work the Downline Building Network system. It can be totally run with offline advertising.


The DBN company will also send out post cards on your behalf so you can just set back and repa the results. Hand off for the busy day job worker.

Downline Building Network aka DBN.

There is much more to explain but if interested the best way to get more details is to call the DBN office Call: 1-866-722-5363, give them your name and address so they can send you their business kit for FREE, then use my ID # 60339.

Once you get the kit and review it, call us if you need more info and to get started.

Make Money With Post Cards is easy when you join the right company.





Make Money from Home

Make Money from Home

Make Money from Home 
Doing What You Love To Do Most!

Make Money from HomeThe world is filled with people who’ve explored their passions to make money from home. But most of them didn’t start by themselves. They had the aid of pros who know how to get the best from opportunities. And we can do the same for you!  With GDI‘s $10 website and blog system, it’s free high paying affiliate program plus our exclusive free training and tools, you’ll change from merely another faceless worker into an exceptional Internet entrepreneur in no time.

Make Money from Home with a Website

Whatever you want to trade, promote, or explore, creating a web site is the quickest way to finding an audience and customer base. For just $10, GDI provides the website, domain, 5 blogs and site builder to help you create the ideal showcase for the product or opportunity. And we personally give you the tools and training to send your site rocketing to the top of the Internet so you can command of your market.

But we provide you with a lot more! Through GDI’s free video affiliate sites that do the selling for you , you’ll be able to link right to sites that generate automatic GDI weekly $100 bonuses and monthly residuals for you. When visitors to your site register using your personalized GDI banners or text links, you may make as much as 10% back up to 5 levels deep. Your GDI banners and links can turn out to bring in much more income.  It can not just pay for the cost of your website, but help you develop a significant income above and beyond. It’s like getting paid to promote your own site!

Make Money From Home Blogging

Do you love to express yourself thorough writing?  With GDI’s $10 WordPress blog system, you will get as many as 5 build-it-yourself WordPress sites to fill with your thoughts, memories, stories, and promotions. When you join GDI here, we even include professional tools to generate headers and pictures to help you make your blog more professional looking.

Take your passion and precision with words to new heights, and discover the true financial opportunity of self-expression.

Make Money from Home Free

Any organization can tell you that advertising is key to your success online. With our free advertising system, we could show you secrets of the major search engines to get your site listed in the top ten results on the Internet when prospects search for keywords your site is built around. As increasing numbers of prospects flock to your website, increasingly more money flows into the pockets automatically. It’s that easy! When you follow our training, you can soon be developing a significant income working from home.

Make Money from Home as an Affiliate

Your GDI website is yours to set up as you please. Fill it with your own individual content or join any one of countless affiliate programs. Takes place GDI site to market any affiliate program. And employ much of our free training to get your affiliate program to the top of the Internet. GDI even offers it’s very own affiliate program full of free videos that make  selling a breeze. Whether you’re already working together with an outside company and simply require a new, polished, professional site, or you would like to get started with a proven affiliate program, a GDI site that you apply our personal free advertising system to can help you get paid to advertise anything you want!

Get Started – Make Money from Home Now Free!

Experience makes the difference. We have it, and we can provide to you. You may have started off with questions.  The good news is you’re ready to begin making moves towards a new life. Join GDI today, and soon you may be expanding your reach out there, teaching others how to make money from home with GDI.


Sign Up Now Free!

EPX One80 Review

EPX One80 Review will knock your socks off…!

I need your help…right now my matrix is filled and I am spilling over new sign ups to my downline. That means if YOU join you will be placed automatically by the system under one of my members, then as I get more sign ups they will be placed under you.


How’s that for a best EPX One80 Review?  Ready to make some serious money? I’m here to HELP you grow your business.

This company has a system where we can in July 2014 start to BUY CUSTOMERS to fill our downline.

This EPX One80 Review will show you that these are AUTO ship customers meaning they may stay on each month and earn you commissions.

Folks, this can solve the age old problem in ALL businesses…the inability for most people to recruit or effectively advertise to build a customer base.

EPX One80 Review

EPX One80 Review- What is the product?

The One80 Product suite is designed to help you take advantage of the emerging trends in the marketplace and at the same time make sure you are able to take advantage of the benefits of owning your own business.

See more here:EPX One80 Review

There are four major parts to the One80 business Training, Tools, Action, and Accountability.

One key product is Taxbot, an amazing business tax tracking and training software and phone app to make sure that everyone wins with One80. With Taxbot alone the average yearly savings is $2000 so for most people the absolute worse case with One80 is you will save 10 times more than the business cost.

The other is an endless list of savings potential is Savvi which is a branded, direct-to-consumer membership program that simplifies how smart consumers can connect with a universe of everyday local savings opportunities. Savvi’s online offers cover more than 50 million products from over 1,500 online retailers.

Some examples include:

Dining Discounts/ Grocery

Hotel Program

Golf Access

Ski & Snowboard Access

Recreation & Entertainment

Travel Package Savings

Cruise Discounts

Car Rentals

Home & Garden

Movie Discounts

Condo Discounts

Automotive Discounts

Shopping Discounts

Mobile Platform

  • Save anytime, anywhere
  • GPS functionality instantly finds customized deals nearby
  • Over 130,000 mobile offers nationwide (and growing)
  • Deals always with you; no need for coupons

The savings from these products WILL cover your auto ship cost!

EPX One80 Review-What is the COST to join?

$24.95!  That’s it.  Again a perfect price point that nearly everyone can afford. In our 6+ years online we KNOW the price point that is easily affordable and EPX One80 Review says this is the magic number.

Take a perfect price point, add in products that deliver way more value by way of savings so your auto ship can be covered THEN add the ability to BUY customers to build your business and you have a win win win…yes that’s three win’s.

After recruiting over 2300 into my other top program, and seeing that grow to 23,000 we know that if we had the customers supplied we would have made it a LONG time ago and much faster. The idea in this business is to work smarter not harder and to recognize a winning idea or trend before it becomes the norm and everyone wants in.

Join Here:Join EPX180

PICK Distributor – Then Add 1 $24.95 and then Click Add 1 $24.95 Auto-ship this will ONLY Charge you $24.95

Today and will set you up on Autoship just like your Customers you’ll be BUYING and You’ll be LOCKED IN! Just 4 referrals will pay for your $24.95, a no-brainer opportunity 🙂

We don’t send followup this is your one chance. BOOKMARK the page to refer back.

As you can see the KEY to success with any business is CUSTOMERS and EPX 180 has that all figured out for us. Add in the potential for huge growth at this time, and you have found the answer you have been looking for.

My team is HIGH end experienced marketers who know the importance of solid support. You will never be alone in come check us out.

You can contact me by leaving a message here below- I respond within a few hours. Or call 716-400-4815 ; leave a clear message with your number and purpose of the call or TEXT me.


UPDATE- OCT 2014- this is an example of a team update from our upline who are in direct phone contact with the CEO:

Announcing…EPX One80 Review


We have some great things happening with EPX!! Be sure to join us Monday night 8 pm EASTERN for our team update call.857-232-0476  704940  I had a hour long talk with Dan yesterday & I am so encouraged & excited about our future & all he is doing to make EPX the dream Company. We will go over several things Monday night to bring you up to speed as we take this to the next level

First of all….it is SO refreshing to have a company listen! The programming is now being finished up on VIP customers. Customers will now be assigned one customer to each person through the entire rotation and then the rotator will go back and do the same thing again. So, as of next week our customers will be distributed evenly and in the best way possible for everyone to see success.

Dan stated that he is catching up on VIP orders. He has 2500 existing orders and 1000 new orders. The existing orders should be totally caught up in about 15-16 days and then delivery will be much, much faster!

Dan also stated that all VIP customers are now being followed up with an autoresponder series for members! EPX One80 Review is getting better each day.

One more thing….all vip customers ARE on autoship. They are trying to get that programmed on our epx backoffice.  Right now the autoships only show active on the vip company website but they are working on integrating that with EPX

Also, we have some fabulous bonuses to work for in EPX One80 Review:

1. sponsor 4 people for the 180 and help them each get 4 and you earn $125 per month in addition to your other commissions!

2. sponsor 4 people for one nutritional product and help them get 4 each and you earn $225 each month in addition to your other commissions!

3. sponsor 4 people for trader and help them each get 4 and you earn $250 each month in addition to your other commissions!

4. sponsor 4 people for a value pack and help them each get 4 and you earn $500 each month in addition to your other commissions!

This is just building a group of 20 people! PLUS, you can build as many teams of 20 as you want to!!! Each group of 20 earns a new bonus!

Additionally, there will be new videos on our EPX One80 Review product as well as a new website coming out shortly!
I want to help as many people achieve the bonuses listed above this month. So, please let me know if you are going for these bonuses and where you are in the process of qualifying!  These bonuses can really add to your current commissions!
One more thing….if you log into your back office and click on quick launch you will see the email center. Lynn who is our new VP has been posting in there frequently so please keep an eye on this section for updates and call schedules.
Lynn has been doing an amazing job for all of us since she came aboard with EPX. If you contact epx via that will put you in touch with her.
 Dan will also be announcing a “winner” of a bonus you can qualify for in Nov.!

Please pass this update on to your downline. If you wish to be added to this update list just send me your email address and I will add you in.

We hope you turn this EPX One80 Review into YOUR financial solution.







Leafit Review

Leafit Review!

Leafit review will show you how to make money posting pictures at social sites.

When people click your picture, they may buy the product and you earn commissions.

Leafit review pays commissions on what your downline sells too…and it connects the buyer to the cheapest price online.

We are very excited about Leafi and in this Leafit review we will offer you the cold hard facts about the business.

More on Leafit review coming soon!

Gadgets For Homeowners

Gadgets For Homeowners will be coming to our new website soon.

We recently tested a product that saves money on anyone’s electric bill, and decided to market it to the internet.

We found that this Gadgets For Homeowners product saved us 25% on our monthly electric bill and we are checking for another month to verify our data, then we will start to market the device.

Gadgets For Homeowners we feel is an interesting niche and we will be happy to help others save money or time in their busy lives.

In the meantime if this sounds interesting, just send us an email or call and we can show you the product.

Gadgets For Homeowners

Gadgets For HomeownersThere are many Gadgets For Homeowners that could be sold online but we felt the main sellers would be things to save us time. save us money, save on energy, and just cool things that may catch someones eye.

If you have any ideas for products you would like to see on our soon to be created site, let us know.

One thing we would like to mention is we have been online since at least 2006 with our first website.

ANY serious business or business person really needs a website to market their business or themselves. This is called “branding” where your brand or your name is used to get out to the internet to develop a following.

In our case our “brand” is Gadgets For Homeowners and our website will be called
Gadgets For Homeowners

Our top online program for the past 4 years + has been
Global Domains International where we offer a $10/month product line that includes a website builder with blog capability, hosting, email, and a business opportunity built in. This my friends has been the best business we have ever tested online and it works for one simple reason. It offers the BASIC building block for any online business. You can even select your name for a domain name, for example one of mine is StanTomaszewski which promotes MY NAME.

Do a google , yahoo , or bing (the top three search engines) search for “Stan Tomaszewski” and you will be sure to find my name there.

YOURS can be there too and we can help show you how to make a site that can be your online presence, the first step in being an online entrepreneur.

Gadgets For Homeowners will be one of our various income streams and we can help you do the same with your business idea.

One thing to understand, you usually can’t just buy a domain name and build a site on it and have instant traffic. It all depends on your domain name if it is highly searched for and if it is, how much SEO might you need to do to get it ranked to get nice traffic flow.

We can help anyone with this and we hope to see you stop by to see our new Gadgets For Homeowners site soon.

The power saving device we are testing alone will save you up to 25% and maybe even more on your electric bill so eb sure to check out Gadgets For Homeowners soon.



American Bill Money Review

American Bill Money Review will be the last business review you may ever need.

Free Website Traffic for Any Business
Click Here

There are many reasons to join certain work from home businesses.

In this American Bill Money Review we will explain the key reasons this is EASY for new people to see income.

We have been online for 10 years, built a solid four figure residual income in GDI (Global Domains International) and now we are growing an OFFline business which this American Bill Money Review will outline.

FR.EE Tour: JustMailCards

American Bill Money Review
Why OFFline?

See if you can relate:

1. ABM requires us to only place stamp on a post card and mail it…no marketing skills to learn.

2. NO lengthy learning curve. We all know that ONLINE program require traffic and getting a LOT of it is the key to BIG incomes. Most never learn how to do this. American Bill Money Review requires only a post card to be mailed.

3. In this American Bill Money Review we show that you only need five members to break even. Then we can place new members UNDER you, so we can truly help build for our members. This was not the case in many other programs.

4. This is only some of the skills needed in ONLINE marketing; do you really have the time to learn this?

Online Marketing Skills Needed For Success                      


Writing ads

Posting ads

Article marketing

Social media marketing

Youtube marketing

Pay per click marketing

Followup with prospects-call them

Dealing with google,yahoo,bing seo

Creating a blog or website

Writing followup emails

Paid advertising- find what works

OK, now this is what you need to “Learn” to run a post card business:

1. place a stamp and address label on the post card and mail it.

The system closes the sales when people call for information and to get questions answered.

The leads from the post cards can be used for any business so its a double win.

There are many reasons people fail online but the main reason is they never learn to generate enough traffic to make enough sales to call their income a real business type income.

Most make near zero dollars.

This American Bill Money Review is exciting because it has leveled the playing field so anyone can see results and success and the way online marketing is going, many are finding OFFline post card systems to be simple, easy and lucrative.

Many people still feel everything online is a scam and they don’t trust anyone. The rules that keep changing for how to market are making it tougher and tougher to make sales for newbies.

This American Bill Money Review may be YOUR answer to financial freedom.

Give us a call if you have questions.

Free Info: Best Lead System

American Bill Money Review may be just what you were looking for.




Passive Income

Passive Income

Passive Income from
Free Website Traffic  Click Here

Passive Income is one way to make money that as we see it, is the best approach.

Passive Income

Passive Income

The definition by wiki is Passive Income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

Sounds pretty simple but is it that easy?

Since you are reading this on the internet we would assume you are online looking for a way to make extra money or even a full time income, so we will tailor this article towards “online” type of Passive Income ideas.

Keep in mind that there are many passive income methods that have nothing to do with working online or starting an online business that may be as lucrative or even more so.

Some offline examples of passive income are interest from a bank account, royalties from a book published, rent from owning real estate properties, pensions, dividends and interest from various stocks or other accounts.

As you can see many of these ideas likely required someone to have invested their time and money to build up enough of an account or property or stocks to develop an interest or income that can be taken passively from these sources.

However once built up, one can set back and relax and enjoy life.

Getting back to online ways to create passive income, here are a few top ways to grow an online business that can earn you a passive income:

1. Blogging- blogging is about creating a blog about a certain topic, then creating quality content posts to that blog which tends to draw traffic to the blog and in turn in time, that traffic could buy items displayed at the blog, thus creating a passive income level. This can take some time to build enough content and to select the best niche to blog about and of course you should have some knowledge of the topic if you plan to be the writer.

2. Affiliate Marketing- This is where you as the online marketer sells other peoples services or products or your own items and you earn a percentage of the sales. Whether you own the items sold or you are an affiliate selling other items you earn a piece of the total selling price. If you set this up on autopilot where you keep advertising, and making sales, you will have a Passive Income. The same will happen if you create the product or service and many other affiliates sell your stuff. Which do you think is more of a Passive Income?

3. Email marketing- similar to the affiliate marketing, you can grow a list of subscribers to your list, and as you develop a relationship with this list you can sell items to them that may help them in their tasks online, depending on your list originally came from.

4. Niche Websites- as like a blog you can create niche websites, perform SEO (search engine optimization) to get free organic traffic and again sell items to that niche. You can also set up  paid traffic if the return on cost is profitable.

5. Website services- every website needs as lot of efforts to keep it with traffic and sales. If you had the skills you can develop a list of customers who need domains, hosting, SEO, content writing, website changes and updates, all of which can create a Passive Income for you.

The bigger you grow your traffic or customer base, the more Passive Income in your wallet.

As you can see, there is an enormous list of things one can do to create lifetime  Passive Income if you are willing to put in the efforts to build it.

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