Drummer Hand Pain

If you are a drummer or any musician or anyone that needs your hands to work for you this Drummer Hand Pain may be helpful. I am 54 years old, been playing the drums since I was eight years old and the last few years have been harder and harder to feel “loose” while playing […]

Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo

Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo I met Buddy Rich many years ago, I’m digging up the pic’s to also post. There are so many amazing talented drummers out there but I thought Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo should be my first post to this section of my blog. He just always was over the top […]

Great Drummers Of All Time; So Who Is The Best Drummer Of All Time?

Great Drummers Of All Time, I want your opinion on  this so please comment below and click the social buttons on this page. If you are like me, a drummer, or maybe your not a drummer, we all have our favorite players. I have played officially since I was 8 years old, am now 53 […]