Drummer Hand Pain

If you are a drummer or any musician or anyone that needs your hands to work for you this Drummer Hand Pain may be helpful.

I am 54 years old, been playing the drums since I was eight years old and the last few years have been harder and harder to feel “loose” while playing and stay fresh longer through the gig.

Drummer Hand Pain can really get you down when you remember how you sued to play, with ease and your hands would fly around the kit.

Before I go on with this Drummer Hand Pain post,  here’s my youtube channel where I have some recent videos of me and I uploaded some from 24 years ago when I was loose and really able to play. Three sets was no problem. Two days in a row, not a problem. Now at 54, my favorite drum is my fan…yes the thing that blows air so I don’t overheat and fall over.LOL

drummer hand pain

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So, getting back to how this all natural juice can help your hands, feet, joints, back aches, and overall “stiffness” this is what I experienced with my drummer hand pain.

For me, I am pretty loose and fresh for about an hour and a half, where we usually play three one hour sets over a four hour time period. Then after this time I start to  feel stiff all over, achy, and not as loose. I feel like the sticks may fall out of my hands and when I raise my arms to do a tom fill, I feel clumsy and without that power we need to hit the drums solidly.

Of course my snare and kick are usually the only thing mic’d and I have to hit hard to compete with the guitarist and other players. I thought I may have carpal tunnel or some other issues after 46 (yikes) of playing and abuse (sometimes pounding to be heard) as I am not a hard hitter by nature.

I also have tried fatter sticks. I have larger hands so it is easier to grip the sticks longer through the night, a cool tip from another amazing drummer and good friend Mark Rogers

Mark always plays to or beyond limits…a great inspiration.

Anyways, I tried this all natural anti inflammatory juice and within 2 weeks I felt something strange that helped my drummer hand pain.

I sat at the drums and had speed I have not felt in years, and when I did a fill, my arms flew as like without any hesitation and stiffness.

I was excited to think maybe I can keep up the pace of my current band and continue playing the cool stuff that often takes some decent chops. I played last night and again felt like no more drummer hand pain.

All of you that are younger, I hope you take care of yourselves and eventually time catches up with us and our ability can start to fail.

I see a lot of professional, super great legendary drummers on youtube when they were say 20 years old and now in their 50’s they have slowed. Not all, but many and I can tell it is from similar to what I have experienced.

If you want to try this juice, please read more here and if you have questions or just want to talk drums, email me at stan.work.from.home@gmail.com. Yes, I do work from home and yes I may make a commission if you try Nopalea.

I feel better not popping ibuprofen all night or drinking energy drinks as this is all natural. Of course good exercise is also helpful and never play tense.

I hope this finds you well and if you have any of the symptoms as I described, this may help ease your drummer hand pain as it did mine and probably could help anyone that needs to feel less achy and be more limber feeling.




Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo

Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo

I met Buddy Rich many years ago, I’m digging up the pic’s to also post.

There are so many amazing talented drummers out there but I thought Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo should be my first post to this section of my blog.

He just always was over the top in technicals and his energy right up until he passed.

Below is only one Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo that I actually did not see before and it had some great get down to business straight drumming.

Hope you enjoy this Buddy Rich video and solo: Click Here To Watch!

buddy rich

This is me and Buddy Rich sometime around 1979 ish….all of us drummers sat behind him mesmerized by is playing. I recall he “complained” the sound wasn’t good and he couldn’t hear, but he still played like no other I have seen live. It was breathtaking to say the least being that close watching him perform. He played at a place called “Lackey Plaza” in downtown Niagara Falls, NY (yes there is a City called Niagara Falls and a waterfalls too; I grew up there and still live a few miles north in Lewiston,NY.

buddy rich

I started playing drums around 8 years old, and still play in local bands today. Probably one of few things I have done for almost my whole life, but if you are a drummer you know what I’m talking about. It’s like in our blood or something. A life long learning experience.

I recall watching many Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo on Mike Douglas show, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson ( who also played drums), and even the I Love Lucy show. I am probably dating myself but those were some great times. Anyone else remember?

In junior high school we are just kind of getting into the “rock era” from more of a jazz music scene, and Buddy was still one of all drummers inspirations at that time. Gene Krupa was another great who I will post soon. I remember when he passed, I was in 9th grade and my drummer buddy from band told me. Sad day or sure.

Long live Buddy Rich music and his inspiration to so many other great drummers.

Hope you enjoyed this Buddy Rich Amazing Drum Solo and some reminiscing.


Great Drummers Of All Time; So Who Is The Best Drummer Of All Time?

Great Drummers Of All Time, I want your opinion on  this so please comment below and click the social buttons on this page.

If you are like me, a drummer, or maybe your not a drummer, we all have our favorite players. I have played officially since I was 8 years old, am now 53 and have hot pots and pans since I was crawling-lol.

But is there really and truly a list of Great Drummers Of All Time?

I want you to post your opinions on who the best drummers are, put links to their youtube videos, or websites. I want all of us great drummers to be connected and this is the meeting place.

Whether you are a drummer or not you may be like me and spend time on you tube watching some of the Great Drummers Of All Time, and once in a while you stumble on some player that just blows your mind.

It can be just some person in some city or town anywhere in the world that can kick some “axx” on the drums.

Great Drummers Of All Time

It really doesn’t need to be  one of the well known Great Drummers Of All Time.

Even the simplest beat, played with the right groove can make you get that feeling when playing like, “this sounds good”. That’s what we play for, right?

Here are a few of my Great Drummers Of All Time List:

Jim Chapin, Dave Weckl, Neil Peart, Bernard Purdie,Karen Carpenter, Mark Kelso, Enzo Tedesco, and John Guerin,Steve White, Jeff Porcaro, Adam Deitzch, Graham Lear, Phil Collins, Nick Mason, Stewert Copeland, Steve Smith, Mike Shrieve, Al Foster, Joe Morello, Gary Novak, Stanton Moore, Jack DeJohnette, Casey Scheurell, Zoro, Ringo.

Vinnie Colaiuta, Billy Cobham, Louie Belson,  Mark Craney (his work on Brother To Brother by Gino Vannelli is one of a kind), Mike Chrimes ( local player),David Garibaldi, Emmanuelle Caplette, Russ Mckinnon,Tony Williams, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, John Bonham,  Steve Gadd, Travis Barker ( I met him in an airport where I worked, a real cool/nice guy), Mark Rogers (A good friend who is from Niagara Falls, Canada just makes me want to go home and pracice and my favorite player- he always pushes himself to the limit and blows people and drummers away with his energetic solos; see this-I love the crowds reaction.Mark Rogers Drum Solo. Mark, thanks for the inspiration! Live and up close is even  more amazing. Another solid player that’s been around my area for some 40 years and still grooving is Ted Reinhardt original member of Gamalon- awesome fusion group.

My all time favorite is my teacher Louie Marino from Buffalo, NY.Louie took my playing from a wall I had hit to leves I never knew I could master. He played with Chic Corea before we knew who Chic was, and with the Dorsey Brothers. He would solo in his teaching studio ala Buddy Rich and I would just stand in amazement. Louie you are the best!

As you can see I have a pretty mixed liking of  music and drumming styles and who I feel are Great Drummers Of All Time. I grew up when jazz was still very popular with many local live shows and even I met Buddy Rich once. All of us drummers sat behind the band to watch Buddy up close at a gig in Niagara Falls, NY.  When we saw him eating a hot dog at his bus we ran over and  just stood there in silent admiration with him; it was just a moment to take in. I also like funk drumming a lot as it has a way of playing that isn’t so obvious. It’s all about the notes we don’t play sometimes.

I hope this post is a start of much sharing of links and information.

I’d love to see your opinions of who are the great drummers of all time and please DO post links of you, your band, anything that can share our love of drums and music.

My feeling is we are all part of the Great Drummers Of All Time.