Ways to Make Money

Ways to Make Money

Ways to Make MoneySo you are looking for Ways to Make Money?

Most people that are looking for ways to make money start by searching on the internet to see what may be out there for them.

We all have heard of the enormous size of the internet and for sure we would expect to find some simple ways to make money.

There are other ways to make money that are off line, like getting a paid by the hour J-O-B. Many online refer to a day job and way to be “Just Over Broke”. So again the internet often is where many flock to find a better way.

One thing that many searching online look for is a home based business or even a franchise.

You also can create your own product or service, then try to sell it on your own website.

Any of these ideas can work for legitimate Ways to Make Money online but they all need two basic ingerdients to see results.

1. Traffic. Without people finding your website, you will not make sales. You need to learn the various ways to get traffic before you think to start any home based business.

2. Website that converts prospects to sales. Many people think they can design a website to sell their product or service online and it will take a high percentage of the prospects stopping by the site to a buying customer-i.e. sales!  The reality is it takes some skills to know just how to design that website so the prospects convert to sales. Then it may take some time and testing to see which version of the website may make more sales for you.

Some web pages we have used may convert at 20% which is very good. This 20% may be just those that subscribe to your “newsletter” that you may offer on your site, then a percentage of those may buy. If your website product or service has a lot of competition, you may find it even harder to get your site so it falls in the first page search results of the major search engines (Google,Yahoo, Bing).

One thing to remember is when someone lands on your web page, you have a very short time to catch their attention and maybe buy from you.

Have you ever searched for something online, and clicked on many sites that once you were there you clicked off as fast as you got there, because the site simply did not lead you to the answer you were searching for fast enough?

That’s the key to a successful online website that can offer you Ways to Make Money.

If you focus on your Ways to Make Money business, whether off or online, in time it can create an income that surpasses your day J-O-B income. This may take a few months but more likely a year or more.

Would that time invested be worth it if you never had to rely on a JOB to provide for you or your family?

There are many Ways to Make Money,just find the product or service that you enjoy and make a business out of it.

Ways to Make Money

Online Business Reviews

Online Business Reviews

Welcome to Our Online Business Reviews!

Online Business Reviews
Our Online Business Reviews can help when researching a home based business or online money making program, however you need to be cautious about what you read online.

Here we will offer you many Online Business Reviews that we have personally joined and tested, as well as offer the results many of our associates online who have also tested various programs.

One way to be sure of an online business or program is to do your due diligence and find some Online Business Reviews that tell what other people have found when they joined the program.

We have been online for over 6 years and have seen many work from home businesses and money making programs come and go.

We have also seen many people come and go in this time.

You may wonder why this is the case.

There are many reasons for this but the key take away to do an effective Online Business Reviews is to TEST the program.

By testing we mean join it to see just how the program is supposed to be sold but also will your traffic work with the program and how many people (prospects) need to see the offer before someone becomes a buyer.

Our experience has taken us to where we can tell pretty good how easily a program will sell just by asking a few questions, or watching the many online marketers “trying” to sell the program.

What we have learned in the past and what we include in our Online Business Reviews includes the following TIPS that you should understand when starting a work from home business online:

1. Join programs that have been around for some time. There is no perfect timeline, but any online business that is brand new can fail just like any brick and mortar business. Many programs last 1-2, maybe 3 years tops. Do you want to work for 1-3 years to find your program has closed right from under you?

2. Most Online Business Reviews with websites where people can post their comments, usually have many that failed in that program making comments. Find the sites where the successful people hang out and learn from them.  Sadly many people may not see best results online because they don’t learn traffic.

The fastest way to success is to find someone successful and COPY what they do. It needs to be easy to duplicate or the new person may struggle to see their results.

3. Most programs online work. They are designed to work. Those that fail we feel, do so because they never learn how to generate ENOUGH traffic to see even one sale. It takes more ads than most people realize when they are new to make sales.

4. Sponsors- find people that will help you and respond to your questions. Ask questions before you join and program. This will help you know if your sponsor indeed knows enough how to show you how to get sales, generate traffic and lead your new customers to build your business.

One of the biggest reasons people may not become as successful as they desire and should is they don’t learn the right skills of online marketing and then they don’t truly believe in what they are doing to put 100% of their heart and soul into their business.

Come join our team, we support all for lifetime and we all help one another to reach our highest level of success.

Online Business Reviews can be a place to find your mentor who will show you the step by step ways to financial security.


Passive Income

Passive Income

Passive Income from
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Passive Income is one way to make money that as we see it, is the best approach.

Passive Income

Passive Income

The definition by wiki is Passive Income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

Sounds pretty simple but is it that easy?

Since you are reading this on the internet we would assume you are online looking for a way to make extra money or even a full time income, so we will tailor this article towards “online” type of Passive Income ideas.

Keep in mind that there are many passive income methods that have nothing to do with working online or starting an online business that may be as lucrative or even more so.

Some offline examples of passive income are interest from a bank account, royalties from a book published, rent from owning real estate properties, pensions, dividends and interest from various stocks or other accounts.

As you can see many of these ideas likely required someone to have invested their time and money to build up enough of an account or property or stocks to develop an interest or income that can be taken passively from these sources.

However once built up, one can set back and relax and enjoy life.

Getting back to online ways to create passive income, here are a few top ways to grow an online business that can earn you a passive income:

1. Blogging- blogging is about creating a blog about a certain topic, then creating quality content posts to that blog which tends to draw traffic to the blog and in turn in time, that traffic could buy items displayed at the blog, thus creating a passive income level. This can take some time to build enough content and to select the best niche to blog about and of course you should have some knowledge of the topic if you plan to be the writer.

2. Affiliate Marketing- This is where you as the online marketer sells other peoples services or products or your own items and you earn a percentage of the sales. Whether you own the items sold or you are an affiliate selling other items you earn a piece of the total selling price. If you set this up on autopilot where you keep advertising, and making sales, you will have a Passive Income. The same will happen if you create the product or service and many other affiliates sell your stuff. Which do you think is more of a Passive Income?

3. Email marketing- similar to the affiliate marketing, you can grow a list of subscribers to your list, and as you develop a relationship with this list you can sell items to them that may help them in their tasks online, depending on your list originally came from.

4. Niche Websites- as like a blog you can create niche websites, perform SEO (search engine optimization) to get free organic traffic and again sell items to that niche. You can also set up  paid traffic if the return on cost is profitable.

5. Website services- every website needs as lot of efforts to keep it with traffic and sales. If you had the skills you can develop a list of customers who need domains, hosting, SEO, content writing, website changes and updates, all of which can create a Passive Income for you.

The bigger you grow your traffic or customer base, the more Passive Income in your wallet.

As you can see, there is an enormous list of things one can do to create lifetime  Passive Income if you are willing to put in the efforts to build it.

We suggest you consider joining a $10 passive income opportunity that comes with free training and a free advertising system:

Passive Income

Online Business Traffic Systems My Personal Recommendations From Testing And Experience

Online Business Traffic

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Online Business Traffic SystemsHere are the traffic resources myself and my team use. We test many traffic sources and share the results with the team. Very few traffic sources work and many work ok with certain offers for a good ROI (return on investment.

I will try to keep this up to date so you can copy us and profit from our Online Business Traffic Systems.

Online Business Traffic Systems- List Builders (NOT safelists):

These are in order of best performing.
Viral Url

Viral Host:

Backpage- use the solo ad and the autorepost:


buffalo, ny Business Opportunities

How To Use List Builders

Classified Ads for Online Business Traffic Systems:

We stumbled on this service and highly recommend it:

Backpage Ad Posting Service

 Online Business Traffic Systems- Blogs

This website you are on now is a blog format. Email me and I can connect you with my blog guy, and tell you the basics of how this site works and how much traffic to expect from such a site.

If you want to use blogs to build traffic, my easy money online opportunity offers 5 free WordPress blogs with each complete $10 build-it-yourself website opportunity.  You get a website that can be set up as a website or a Wordpress blog, 5 additional WordPress blog sub-domains, hosting, a website builder, 10 emails, your own private domain name for your main site, and the ability to have a substantial presence on the Internet.  In addition, for no additional charge, you get free affiliate videos that do the selling for you plus my instruction on how to market online.  Learn more here:  Easy Money Online

Online Business Traffic Systems- PPC-Pay Per Click on Bing

I have run a PPC ad campaign for over 44 months straight to get traffic to my main website and make GDI sales. I can teach you how I get $0.17 per click cost.Many do PPC incorrectly, or not how I learned it. This may run in a deficit as far as ROI (return on investment) but I am covered by many other income streams and I am building my downline and residual income so the deficit is in the long run a positive.

Check out online business traffic systems today!




How Long Does It Take To Make Your First Sale Online

How Long Does It Take To Make Your First Sale Online is a great question and we will offer you our experience here to best answer that question.

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How To Make Your First Sale Online is another question that tends to drive the answer to How Long Does It Take To Make Your First Sale Online.

With the right realistic coaching by helpful and knowledgeable mentors, anyone can have the answer to  How Long Does It Take To Make Your First Sale Online.

Would you believe that in my opinion many people have been very close to a first sale online but quit the program just before that happened?

Sadly this is because they had poor guidance as to what to expect with your first advertising efforts and also that every program tends to have a specific way it sells best.

How Long Does It Take To Make Your First Sale Online

Many factors go into the answer to How Long Does It Take To Make Your First Sale Online and we will cover all we are aware of in the next hot tips- these are in no particular order:

1.The first thing I ask someone who I may join online is what exactly do they do to make a sale. Read on.

2. Some programs need traffic from one or specific sources to match up best with the program. Other traffic may work, but sometimes a few places work best.

3. Some high cost programs may need you to phone your leads and close the sale. If you don’t call, they may not buy. So if you cannot close sales, do not buy into that type program. I feel that anything more than $50 may require you to make extra contact with your prospects before they may buy.

4. Some lower cost programs will sell direct from the website. These in today’s economy are around the $20 and less programs. DO NOT underestimate the power  of these low cost programs. Many join and maintain their memberships and you may earn residual income. I love these low cost programs. The sales come faster from less prospects so new people can see easier sales faster.

5. I tell all my new members the 1st sale comes anytime. Our top program converts so every 15 opt ins is a sale. So a new person may see a sale on opt in 1, opt in 5, maybe the 14th or the 34th….but it averages to 1 in 15. So if you are getting opt ins in my programs, you KNOW a sale is coming soon or eventually. We show how to do this with free traffic too so getting started make the How Long Does It Take To Make Your First Sale Online become less stressful.

This is why persistence and consistency is key to any success in any business.

6. We have no control over who will buy and when. You can send a solo ad to a responsive list we tested and get less optins and zero sales the next try.

7. Your program may have a very specific series of things to do so the interested prospect will join. You may need to direct them to a webinar, to a telemarketer who helps close the sale, you may need to call them, and all of the above may be necessary to get the sale. Sometimes the program has a very specific way to get the sale to happen so be sure to ask this of who you are joining.

If they cannot tell you How Long Does It Take To Make Your First Sale Online then they may not know themselves.

Folks there is way tons of room online for many people to benefit from various programs so we never are shy to offer help to our team and we tell the exact methods we use. No reason to keep secrets when it still is up to the individual to make it happen.

I hope this helped open your eyes to some of the items that affect How Long Does It Take To Make Your First Sale Online.


Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies

Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies is not the book but MY personal experiences over the past 7 or so years.

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I tell all my new members the best way to learn is from someone that is successful. I used the term “dummies” only for some possible fr.ee keyword seo….you will read more on that below. Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies can be FUN if you treat it as a learning experience that can earn you nice easy work from home cash.

In my post here, Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies, I will tell you what I do each day to build my business and how I seek out people that are more successful than I am.

Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies will be my work in progress and I will add to it as I think of points that may be valid. There is no order to what I will list so happy reading and please DO subscribe and get to know me.

Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies

Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies – My experiences:

1. Most all programs online DO work. You most likely failed because you did not generate enough targeted traffic to your capture page.

2. Most sponsors DO care and want to help. Those of us that have large downlines (mine is 19000+ active and inactive) become very busy and find it hard to respond to all by phone. I use email to support my team the fastest. I get 50+ phone calls a day and send and receive 200+ emails, so I cannot do it all. Each phone call could be an hour with a new member, so soon my time is not available for all. many times we call and leave messages then play phone tag. Folks, if you are serious about your business, you need to be on time.

3. Phone support is good BUT you will forget most of what you learned as soon as you hang up. You then will need to call again and that can be frustrating. Email you can get answers fast and then have a written copy of what I teach to refer back to. Cool, huh?

To all Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies new people read the above over and over, they are key to your success.

4. When I see my new members reply by “cell phone email” with brief sentences, I think they are not taking their business seriously enough. I may be wrong as many are pretty good w/ the cell phones, but I am usually correct. You cannot start an Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies business spending a few moments a day via cell phone.

5. This is a business and requires a starting a new business mindset. You will not always be in immediate profit. It may take a few days to even a month to see profits. That’s why we use a $10/month program- it helps people have an advertising budget to get into profit faster.

6. First goal online is learn to make a sale as a first step to  Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies training.

7. Next goal is to get into profit. Once you do 6 and 7, you can take a breather, then work hard again to build your team.

8. My top leaders emailed me 50-100 times in their first weeks. I loved every email. I KNEW they were serious and were learning to make a sale. NEVER feel like you are bothering sponsors.

9. Some sponsors are poor. The successful ones tend to take an attitude that, if YOU can’t take responsibility for your business, then they can’t either. I help anyone but they MUST learn to be a good student.

10. To be a good student of online marketing you MUST: be coachable, follow exact directions, do not make even slight changes to what I advise, ask a lot of questions, work at this DAILY, do not reinvent the wheel. COPY what we do to see your first sale online.

11. If I see a newbie email me once every 3-5 days or once a week, I know they are not serious or do not realize the efforts needed early on to make sales.

Ok, some more secret Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies information for you.

12. Many that fail then join other programs looking for what will “work”. sadly they keep JUMPING from program to program wasting their money until they usually quit. Many successful marketers will sell programs to these that fail all day long. You heard it first at Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies.

13. The many failures online often post negative comments about a program at the usual “report a scam” forums or websites. Guess what? When you do that you are making THAT site look very popular to the search engines. and YOU are helping that site get more traffic rank and make sales! Who do you see as the scammer now?

14. Try hanging around with successful people online, not all the failures at these report a scam sites.

15. There are not too many ‘report a success sites” because the successfuls are too busy working to build their traffic and businesses.

16. TRAFFIC: one of the easiest ways to get targeted traffic to a capture page is to use list builders. We feel most can learn to copy and paste a pre written ad. Watch this: Traffic From Fre.e List Builders

17. You do need to learn some terminology to understand this business including: capture page, landing page, autoresponder, sales page, thank you page, sales funnels.

18. Nothing online is totally fr.ee. Our offer is a 7 day free trial, and then you will be charged. The company needs your credit card when you sign up as free to lock in your domain name, and to make it easy to charge you 7 days later- it is not realistic to search for people 7 days later to get their credit card info. You need to learn to trust some things online.

19. TRUST- the way sales are made online is usually rooted in building trust. Once we trust anything online, we may make the purchase. Just like when we buy  a car.

Here’s some more Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies:

20. It is very possible to make sales and build a residual income from fr.ee ads.

21. Fr.ee ads usually take a lot more time than paid. It is a trade off of your time available versus money. The more time you may have the more you could use free ads. In time, as you are into profit, you may start to use more paid ads.

22. SEO- means search engine optimization. You can work to get a website or webpage search engine optimized so the search engines (google,yahoo,bing) will find your website and “index” it…place it into the search results for your keywords.

23. Just buying and domain then building a website does not get it placed onto the search engines to get free traffic. You need to do on site seo then proper linking and some backlinks from good sites. Social sites nowadays are best for backlinks such as facebook, pinterest, youtube,etc.

24. The more competitive your keyword is, the more seo effort needed to get that site to page one of any search engine.

25. My domain Recruit Like Stan will pop up easily on google page 1, but no one really searches for “recruit like stan” so it has minimal competition and will rank page one easily. But you get little to no traffic for that search term.

26. Some seo experts will charge you and say it takes up to 6 months to get your site ranked. I am not too sure on that. I have a good friend that will make a SEO change today and the next time the webpage is cached, it may move up in rank.

27. TRACK: always track your sales so you know what efforts you are doing for traffic are making the most results. This may help: How To Track your Ad With Tracking Codes

28. Small ticket versus big ticket: small cost programs nowadays, less than say $50 will still sell direct from the website, and no need for you to make phone calls to close these sales. Anything > $50 we feel may require YOU to close the sale. This is why we love GDI at $10/month. Affordable by most and we NEVER need to make cold calls to sell anyone.

29. Big ticket items need much more subscribers (opt ins) to see a sale. With our $10 program we see a sale 1 in 15 optins. A big ticket item may need 100, 150, 200, 300, 350 or more opt ins to weed trough the people to find who can afford the item.

30. This is another reason so many fail.It takes a lot of efforts to get initial traffic to see 15 op tins. Imagine 300 op tins?  If your program requires paid ads, imagine spending hundreds of dollars to make a big ticket sale…and waiting for that 1st sale. Do you see why many fail. Many may quit just before they hit that sale!

There’s more Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies tips to follow:

31. HYIP’s- we had poor results with these.If you get in early, invest as much as you can dare to lose, you can see profits, otherwise if you get in too late you may be too late to recover the investment.

32. Article writing is a good way to get backlinks and traffic if on a limited budget but again plan to write a lot of articles.

33. Don’t look for that magical ad that will draw zillions of sales. Sure some ads are better than others but in general most decent ads will bring in ok sales. Try to show YOURself in the ad, be different, stand out and they will click.

34. The ad subject line is what gets the ad opened….a great ad body is no good w/o  a good subject line.


36. Do not subscribe to someone only to reverse sell your offer. That shows me your lack of experience, ignorance and you are essentially spamming. You look like an uneducated desperate marketer to me.

37. If you are getting too many emails, then unsubscribe from all that have nothing to do with your online business.

38. FOCUS on ONE program at a time. It is not easy to sell more than one at a time.

39. SALES FUNNELS- The best situation is to have a sales funnel where you lead ONE subscriber to your sales funnel/system via your capture /landing page, then the system educates them on your offers, and converts them to multiple sales.

40. When I subscribe to an offer to “check them out” or do my due diligence, I look for a couple key things. How many opt ins to get ONE sale, cam paid ads bring a profitable ROI (return on investment), do you need to make calls to get the prospect to join/buy, and to see how well the sponsor replies.Often I will see one reply that may be good, then I will ask another few questions. If they cannot reply to the 2nd set of questions, and many don’t then I conclude they were probably lying in the 1st response, and /or the are poor sponsors.

41. It takes a lot more traffic efforts than most realize to make a sale online. For example my GDI system needs about 15 to subscribe to our free information about the business. To get 15 we need about 450 to look at the capture page! You need to do a bit more work than post a few ads on craig’s list or other free classified ad sources to see sales.

42. AUTORESPONDERS: these are a must. Many people will complain that they can’t talk to a real person. Well try emailing /replying to the autoresponder messages. I reply to all that ask questions. It is impossible to not use an autoresponder. Using the example in #41, if we get 15 subscribers, and send a message each day for a week, that’s 15 x 7 = 105 emails to REMEMBER to send. Then when people subscribe on different days. you would need to keep track of that. Then imagine to make 100 sales you need 1500 subscribers. You can easily see the volume of emails that are needed to be sent. The autoresponder will “weed out” who is not interested in your offer. You really need to understand this to become a marketer online so we hope this Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies helps get you there.

43. WEB DESIGN- many of our newer members in GDI decide they want to use the site builder to design their own websites. This is great for the new Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies person, but need to realize getting any website to convert traffic to sales is a skill and art. There are things the web designer will do to help raise the chances of a sale. This includes the color of the webpage, the positioning of banners and clickable things, the keywords and style of writing, the length of the page, whether the page is unique or does a 2nd page follow  ( a two step approach to selling), and many more. On our team we offer a webpage that we all COPY initially. This assures the newbie sees sales by doing exactly what we all do to make sales.

More Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies will be added as we think of them!

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

Also please help us and click the various social buttons on this site and for sure subscribe to our site. Thanks much!

EASY To Use System

I’ll be back soon with more Online Internet Marketing For Dummies And Newbies.



Facebook Training Course For Online Business

Online Business Training

Facebook Training Course For Online Business

If you joined Facebook looking to market your online business, and have no idea what to do, this is the answer you need.

We also joined when everyone said Facebook is the place to get social and market your business.

But we had no direction and needed a Facebook Training Course For Online Business.

This Facebook Training Course For Online Business is very new and the cost is almost crazy.


Yes, $2.95, but Joel Therein is a genius in knowing what we all need to build our businesses and if he can help, then his business may flourish.

Have you heard the saying, “You can get anything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want”. Zig Ziglar.

It really works!

Facebook Training Course For Online Business

==>> Facebook Training Course For Online Business

Here is some of what you get for under THREE BUCKS!

– Learn how to generate High quality leads..
– Something simple to grasp?
– An easy way to get noticed and recognized?
– Great new ways in generating leads, traffic and sales?

– Pull in traffic
– Collect those likes and followers
– Generate leads
– Build that know, like and trust to create customers
– Increase your profits
– Explode your business and organization!

We see this offer as a very possible VIRAL tool for you.

==>> Facebook Training Course For Online Business

Everyone is on facebook and many have no idea what to do there to market themselves or their business. Simply share your link (once you purchase the product) and show it to your customers or prospects.

You may think $2.95 isn’t much to sell something for, and earn any decent commissions but one thing that always holds true in any marketing…if you under price and OVER deliver on value, your customers will be lifetime followers.

On our GDI team, where we also offer other top of the line products we test, such as this Facebook Training Course For Online Business we have other marketing methods that are very easy to COPY and don’t require a facebook social presence. So, think how much additional traffic you can have if yo combine all of these techniques.

A majority of my sales do not come from facebook at this time. Matter of fact ZERO of my sales come from facebook. I am excited to ADD facebook to my traffic arsenal with this Facebook Training Course For Online Business course.

We teach solo ads, list builders (free), pay per click (PPC), article marketing, blogs, and much more. Oh, we even run coops so you can spend less and still grow your customer base and sales.

I am excited to learn what this Facebook Training Course For Online Business is all about as I have just tipped the iceberg as they say on skills and techniques to learn and was excited to pass this one asap.

My goal is to HELP YOU. If you can make sales in your program from this information, then that makes my day and I can sleep restfully at night.

I wish you all the very best in your work from home online business and hope this review reaches many people struggling online.

You will be surprised at the income a $2.95 item can create, similar to our GDI top rated business where we earn $1 -$15 commissions.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

Also please help us and click the various social buttons on this site and for sure subscribe to our site. Thanks much!

EASY To Use System

Facebook Training Course For Online Business should help you achieve your wildest dreams as far as goals  for you.




Network Marketing Online; How To Expand Your Traffic And Leads To The Vast Internet

Network Marketing Online

Many of you search online for a program to earn income and then join a network marketing online offer and think you need to first try to sell to friends and family

I NEVER sell to friends and family.

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For one thing, we would all soon run out of friends and family; then who do we sell to?

Network Marketing Online is the answer.

To offer your Network Marketing Online business to the enormous online community you need to know effective ways to get traffic.

Network Marketing Online

Getting traffic is not that hard BUT understanding how much traffic we need to make one sale is where many of us get off course, expecting a lot more for not enough efforts.

Here’s a few tips and thoughts on getting your Network Marketing Online traffic going:

1. It generally takes 1 out of 100 people to look at your capture page or online offer to make a sale. That is a general number, bt shows the volume of traffic needed.

2. If you post an ad on a classified site, and you get for example 20 views a day. Then it will take 5 days to even get ONE sale IF that ad stays current and on page 1 with your classified site.

3. You need to post a lot of ads that you KNOW for sure convert to sales. Be sure to get your sponsor to give you best ads.

4. We start many with list builders to get initial traffic. This is a bit better than free classifieds and we advise to work to get sale #1. Once YOU make your 1st sale, you are on your way to knowing what to do to make many more.

You can see our online Network Marketing System here:

==>>     Easy To Earn Income Programs

Marketing System  feel free to opt in and get FREE info.

5. Realize you probably were well on your way to a 1st sale in past programs, you just did not get enough traffic BUILT up.

6. FOCUS on one traffic method until you get enough ads going. Do not try to post ads in too many places as you will not know which place is working the best.  These all work: list builders, social marketing (Linkden, facebook, Google +, many other social sites), blogs, review websites, ppc (pay per click- this is advanced but we can teach you), article writing and much more.

Our feeling is the best traffic is traffic we generate by our own sites. Like a blog. Posting relevant content and backlinking are the two most effective approaches to building online presence and traffic.

We hope this Network Marketing Online article helped you get your business really flying.



Team National Reviews- A Legit Online Work At Home Business?

Team National is basically a membership site, where you can save by using the various services within the site. The cost to join is somewhere between $400 and $2k depending on the level you join at.

Team NationalThe opportunity from Team National is a Benefit and Service Guide called “Your Road to Savings.” It’s a package that offers discounts on many products and services.

The Network Marketing aspects comes in as Team National encourages you to resell this package to your friends and family who will hopefully do the same, creating your down line and potential residual income.

We have reviewed many programs and online ways to earn income but we must say the various posts from people in Team National who are successful far out weigh those that had negative comments…by like 100 to 1. A couple other top rated review sites had posts from members and director level members, with very few negative comments.

This we see as not the norm…it’s rare to see such good points on any business. Even the top branded companies get poor reviews.

As a member you can earn from Internet Sales Commissions (savings), Volume Buying power (insurance, cell phones, cars), Member Business Exchange. This is a comment from another member on how income is earned: As for earning potentials. It is a member marketed company. That is why you haven’t heard it advertised, and perhaps why the website doesn’t make much sense at first glance. There are no overpriced products to sell, in fact no-one has to “sell” any products to make money. Money is earned by reffering others to be members.

Before getting involved you should do a good review of the programs potential areas YOU can save and benefit to be sure you can recover the membership costs. This seems easily done, but we also see many in this economy that barely have $10 extra to start a home business…so this may appeal more to those that have a reasonable income and can benefit from the savings.

Also, like any “MLM” type business, to grow the business we DO need to have some skills or ability to share the business with others.

I know I am not a salesy type so I like online programs that are sold by the WEBSITE- so I don’t need to explain my program to friends or family. This is something you will need to look into before joining any business or program that claims you can earn by sharing the program and why there are some negative comments.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
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Team National appears a very sound company, having been around for many years, so check it out to see if it suits your personality!

Online Business Systems Review

Online Business System Review

Online Business Systems claims to offer you a way of Creating wealth for you from your own home based business.

Online Business SystemsA key to online success is having a business or Online Business Systems program to offer that gives the user real value.

Having an in demand product that is affordable to just about everyone, a marketing system that does most of the work for you, then a very push button, automated, copy and paste type of advertising system with many Fr.ee methods in today’s economy is a perfect way to get any home business started.

It appears the reality of the Online Business Systems offering is it is the web system those in various programs use to run their businesses. I have a member in my top program that was in one of those programs, she is now a leader on my top program team. HINT

You can see more on Online Business Systems Review here.

She also advises the products have a great profit margin. But as in any online or work at home business, we all need some simple way to get our businesses off the ground.So always look for a solid sponsor and ASK how they will show YOU how to DUPLICATE what they do to see their success; if it isn’t simple and obvious, you may want to find a better program or sponsor.

The information we reviewed on OBS went on to say that the original purchase consists of a video, DVD and brochure.

Afterwards you will get follow up emails advising about the real company that you originally responded to the ad for.

Online Business Systems is not what I would pursue based on what I assessed but thats only based on the programs I am involved with. Most people truly are not sales people so any business that includes warm market sales can be a tough uphill road.

That’s why our top program is 99.9% email oriented. Our sales happen totally by our websites and we never cold call anyone.

We definitely never call on friends and family. Most of us don’t have that many friends and family that would be interested in our businesses anyways…agree?

However, if you are a people person, then by all means this may be the answer for you.

Our Top program has been around for many years; another good benchmark to check for- start up companies can fail in their first couple years so it is always good to find a well established company. Our suggestion is do not join any program until it is minimum 2 years old….unless you have some very good recommendations on it from people in the know or you trust.

Remember: if your program does not have a marketing system that brings in prospects, then closes the sale, it doesn’t matter much what the product or service is. Try our proven automated online business systems by clicking the link that follows: ==>>     Easy To Earn Income Programs

Online Business Systems may help you.