Tom Butler

Tom Butler Reviews. Tom Butler offers a program called the Short Sale Magic program. Short sale refers to paying pennies on the dollar to usually a 2nd mortgage on real estate and gaining a profit. You see, banks don’t want to lose out on a mortgage when it may go into pre foreclosure or foreclosure […]

John Alexander Review

John Alexander Reviews. John Alexander is a licensed mortgage broker and author who is able to originate loans anywhere nationwide and  is also a certified business consultant and has created several software applications designed for note discounting. He also is responsible for a no risk real estate investing method that is patented and is called The Inverse Purchase. […]

John Beck Reviews- Real Estate Rocks!

John Beck Reviews- Real Estate Rocks! John Beck has several books including Amazing Profits, Tax Sale Directory, Properties by Mail,  and Pennies On the Dollar, . This information explains how investors as like you, can use the tax sale process to buy real estate “free and clear” for just pennies on the dollar. We’ve heard that a lot but […]

Intellibiz Reviews- Is The Real Estate Business Right For Everyone?

Intellibiz Reviews- Is The Real Estate Business Right For Everyone? This Intellibiz Reviews will cover some basics of real  estate investing that we can offer based on our family income property experiences and a buddy that owns some 60+ units locally where I live. Uncovered in this Intellibiz Reviews, is they offer a real estate investing course and […]

Real Estate Investing For Maximum Profit

Real Estate Investing For Maximum Profit If you are trying to find excellent returns gradually, and a lower danger financial investment strategy, at that point financial investment in real estate is a really good road to abide by. Worldwide real estate markets are following an upward trend, that are creating remarkable returns for capitalists which […]

Deeds 4 Dollars

Deeds 4 Dollars This Deeds 4 Dollars offer is similar to others we see where you supposedly can buy real estate for “pennies on the dollar” and turn a nice profit. John Beck was offering a similar system. Can the info in Deeds 4 Dollars get you to the success you are searching for right now? Maybe. […]

Real Estate Gurus

Real estate guru’s are all over the internet selling there many ways to earn in the real estate market. My family has been in real estate for as long as I can remember, I used to have to do the clean up work when tenants would leave- that was always fun. Anyways, you definitely can […]