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Are you wondering what a Website WS domain is, or better yet if the “WS” domain extension works well and if you can earn money from it?

Website WS


You stopped at the right place because we are affiliates of the company that offers the Website WS domain extension, hosting, email and home based busines services.

Better yet, we are the owners of the “Website WS Training” site where we offer a Free marketing system that sells several very well respected work from home programs.

One thing we did not realize when we started looking online for a way to earn extra income and build a business is the power of a residual income business.

Residual income is where you make a sale once but then get paid monthly as long as the member stays active.

The trouble with keeping new people active is many businesses fail in the first days, weeks or months.

Of course those that quit in a few days or even weeks probably did not have a serious mindset to truly start a Website WS business or any other online based business.

Now with a domain name business, we may not earn a large commission for each domain name sold, but many people will keep a domain name for many years, and each year they stay active, YOU earn a commission.

Would you rather earn a $50 monthly commission from people that quit in 1-2 months or less, or earn $1 from people that quit in maybe many years or never of their domain and business takes off?

We never realized the potential of earning $1- $14 from many sucessful domain name/hosting owners. You see domain names are something that many people keep and renew, sometimes they will renew for many years, and you can earn commissions.

Additionally on this Website WS article we wanted to mention the new marketing system we are involved with and will help any newbie see their first sales online.

We offer the system for Free, so the newbie can spend their valuable time either growing their traffic or learning advanced marketing skills.

The Website WS Training system is a superb sales funnel that brings prospects to you who will then get to know you and join some or all of your programs. The programs offered are mostly low end costs since we know the internet cannot afford high end programs. We also offer residual income programs to build muiltiple income streams. The best is we answer every email and have a skype room where we explain and answer all questions so you can suceed.

The Website WS Training owners of which there are three, have a combined 20 years of experience making sales online and they met online. They share their knowledge and take anyone by the hand that has the desire to succeed.

Remember, whether you become a success in a few days or few months, either way, you have the ability to change your families financial situation.

We hope you enjoyed this Website WS Training article and you see the power in residual low ticket programs.