Conversion Rate Optimization

There are many terms to learn in online marketing and one of the more important one’s is conversion rate optimization. Another one is price point. I feel these two are very critical to starting any home based internet business.

Conversion Rate OptimizationConversion rate deals with how many people need to stop by your website, usually a capture page, before ONE of them makes a purchase.

The other, price point, which I will discuss in another post, deals with how many people need to see your offer on your webpage before they decide to make a purchase from you.

It usually takes more people to look at your web page offer, before they elect to buy something that is of a higher cost than if the cost were lower. It also takes less people to make a purchase if your web page is designed to convert to a sale with less viewers. So the combined affect is, the higher your capture page converts, and the lower your offer is, the more sales you will make. Conversion Rate Optimization.

Are you seeing there is some reasoning that goes into making a website work. You need to know if the conversion rate is good or you will need way too much traffic to make a sale. Then you will need to optimize your site for best conversion rate.

Now, you may think, ok, if I am selling something for $10 (which by the way will sell more per volume of people looking at your offer) vs. $100, I need to sell a whole lot of $10 items to make a decent income.

That may be true, but let me offer some statistics from my experience.

When I sold a program that costed $2995, it took some 350 opt ins before a sale would happen. Now I would not suggest anyone look to sell $2995 items in this economy! No one has that kind of money to start a home business.

When I sold items at $1000 price point, it took some 125 to 150 opt ins. An opt in by the way is a prospect that saw your capture page and submitted their name and email into your systems web form to get more info on your program. This is how online marketing is often done.

Now if your web page converted at say 25%, then for every 100 viewers, you may get 25 opt ins. BUT this is often due to the design of your page, AND the low cost of your program.

So if you combine a high converting page with a low cost program, you may see 1 in 15 to 20 opt ins will be a sale.

My $10 program and capture page converts at 1 sale for every 15 to 20 opt ins. Of course those are the right matched traffic to my program- sending niche traffic to a program is key and makes sure your conversions are optimized.

Here’s a secret why that level price point is so cool.

If you are brand new to this and working hard to build up traffic, would you rather wait for 350 or 150 optins, or would you like to see sales come in at 1 in 20 or so opt ins.

Conversion Rate Optimization: People starting this level of program will see sales faster and they will get past that initial uncertainty hump where they are worried if they bought into a good program or not. We feel many fail and quit BEFORE they ever get to enough opt ins…this could also be because they can’t afford the advertising cost while waiting for that first sale.

Here’s another hint: to sell something for $2995, you may indeed pay 50% or even 80% in advertising to make that sale, so your true net profit may be 2995- 1498 0r $1497. Still a nice profit, BUT can you manage that initial out of pocket advertising cost?

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These are key items most don’t know about when they join programs online so be sure to understand what your conversion rate is and optimize that to get fastest first sales online.

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