Dan Kennedy Review

Dan Kennedy is a great off line marketer and now is also promoting his products online. He has a site at www.dankennedy.com and also a blog. He is the guy that put all the other huge successes online on the map.

Dan KennedyDan Kennedy’s name is huge and he truly is a great marketer. He is a wealth of information on the art of making sales.

I’d recommend anyone that is looking to increase their marketing knowledge, should have some of the Dan Kennedy books and be familiar with his teachings.

Dan currently he is promoting something called Game Changer DNA with Bill Glazer. The info he presents for free in his video email marketing is priceless. Much of the content provided by Dan is similar to what has been offered all over the internet.

But, Dan Kennedy offers a way to teach this for any business to see best sales results and he is the guy that created much of it.

He offers something called the 7 Golden keys. I love these…you really need to understand these to see results online or offline. Here’s a couple in my words: don’t sell to the majority, people like things new and different, people love stories so sell your or a story,it’s about the customer not the product.

I tell all my new members, this is a people business, and people join me each day, they don’t join my product …if that last item made sense to you, then you are on your way to success. Thanks Dan!

Many other online huge heavy hitters are students and followers of Dan Kennedy’s info…including people like Frank Kern.

I have a small library of marketing information and Dan Kennedy is one of the items at the top of my list for good, usable information.

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