Deeds 4 Dollars

Deeds 4 Dollars

This Deeds 4 Dollars offer is similar to others we see where you supposedly can buy real estate for “pennies on the dollar” and turn a nice profit.

John Beck was offering a similar system.

Can the info in Deeds 4 Dollars get you to the success you are searching for right now?


Let us offer some comments having been a mere 7 years old going w/ my Dad to tenants homes to unplug the sewer, fix things, collect rents, fix things, try to collect the rent, fix more things.

Deeds 4 Dollars

Are you seeing my drift?

One thing for sure, you need more than one rental or fix’er upper to call it a business so plan on growing this to come full time income level.

It’s not all that bad, but depending on how you manage your income property, or how you manage buying properties at low cost, then turning a decent profit, is up to your skills to do this well.

The Deeds 4 Dollars information is generally good from what we see, BUT is it good enough for you or anyone to jump in and be an expert deal makers and/or property flipper?

In my area a guy I know owns some 60+ properties. My old home town of Niagara Falls, NY ( yes there is a city and it is not just a waterfalls) had been depressed for years economically, so you can buy single family homes sometimes for $10,000 or even less then rent it for $500 or even $600. This can be a nice profit margin.

But the Deeds 4 Dollars info is more about finding homes that have not had their taxes paid on them.  Deeds 4 Dollars includes tips on what states are best for this real estate technique and hot to resell for the highest value.

Our experience in real estate is similar to most any other business opportunity. Basically, if you never did it yourself, get a good mentor to walk you through the steps so you don’t blunder on even the simplest items. Every penny counts when starting a business venture.

Deeds for dollars may help you in real estate investing. We are sure you can find success in this deeds for dollars program, or another like it.

If real estate, doesn’t quite grab you, then you might want to do what we do.

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We hope our Deeds 4 Dollars review was helpful.

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