Direct Pay System Review

Direct Pay System Review

We are members of the Direct Pay System and will offer information on what DPS is but also why we selected this program.

There is one thing that we must know before we join any program and that is how is the sale made and how easy is it to make the sale.

Direct Pay System offers the best of the best in ease of making the sale and in how sales are made. Let us explain this more but first a brief overview of the business and levels one can join.

Direct Pay System

Direct Pay System Levels/Owner:

The owner of Direct Pay System is Tim Berger who has created a very successful other program called LTTW, Little Ticket To Wealth which has been around for several years. Any time a program is around past 1-2 years that is a good sign of a well run and managed online program. Most are here to day gone tomorrow. Tim knows what people need to be successful and that is good leads/traffic then a great system to close the sales. Most of us are not sales people so we need the system to do most of the closing work.

Tim has this all set in Direct Pay System.


There are several levels to join DPS at that may suit your pocket book, again these are selected perfectly for what people can afford, the ability to move up as they earn more and to have a good profit margin. It’s always nice to just buy traffic, send it to the system, then have sales happen that offer a nice ROI- profitable return on investment.

You can check our Direct Pay System sales system here or you can see the exact business and take a tour here Direct Pay System Tour

We are no longer promoting this program as we found it too costly for the average newbie….but look at our direct pay system!

Right now we have a PROMO offer where you can join for $700 with a reduced admin cost ($14.97) and have the ability to sell all levels of the system up to the $3200 level. Folks this is the best way to get in at such a reduced starting cost. This promo may be gone when you read this – we will try to keep this post up to date.

Getting back to the levels of Direct Pay System:

  • $400 – Silver Level
  • $800 – Gold Level
  • $1600 – Platinum Level
  • $3200 – Royale Level

Direct Pay System Products

The products/Services you will receive (this is based on your level) is access to:

  • A series of tutorials, live training and marketing know how.  Tim Berger reveals everything you need to know to successfully create, run and maintain a six figure online marketing business. Tim walks the talk and he is not hiding behind some “guru” secret curtain (which is all BS anyways).
  • Closers who will return ALL Call-back requests generated through your system-my first sale was closed by the systems closer- the new member said it was the most professionally done sales closing they ever experienced.
  • SMS Marketing seminar
  • Content Marketing (including content to use and share to grow your business)
  • Press Releas System
  • Direct Marketing Money Mailer
  • Access to the Done for You Marketing shares
  • Leadership, Mindset and Awareness trainings
  • Offline and Online Marketing training
  • Leads systems, and an 11 steps marketing set up that you just plug in your ads and set back and wait for the sales to roll in.

As you can see Direct Pay System is a top of the line system.

As we mentioned above we will offer a brief comment on how sales are made online. This is a numbers game. The more prospects we feed to our system, the more sales. To make a big ticket sale, maybe $400 a week or even per day we need ALL possible followups with the prospect working. We DO NOT force ourselves on anyone. We offer details and educate them on the program so they can make an informed decision. When this is done correctly, the prospects come to us to join. We never need to chase anyone.

Direct Pay System offers all of the above and more when you add in the one on one we offer. Ask us about our special offer if you are looking to join Direct Pay System.


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