Does Rosetta Stone Work; What Is Rosetta Stone?

Does Rosetta Stone Work?

Or better yet, What Is Rosetta Stone?

We reviewed this product for one purpose.

While our online business is about selling and helping new people to learn how to market and build a residual income from home, this product, Rosetta Stone, offers a great example of how marketing is done.

does rosetta stone work

Then relate that to internet marketing and you may see why it is so important to understand the VOLUME of efforts needed to truly get enough people to see your product to then get some serious sales.

Most people that join anything online very soon say “Does this program really work? They usually have not developed enough traffic to their website to see their 1st sale online. Many do not realize the efforts needed to get the volume of traffic needed to see even small results.

In this case it’s more Does Rosetta Stone Work?

At their main website they offer a free demo and trial. They also note: There’s no risk to you. Use Rosetta Stone CD-ROM’s for up to six-months, and if you’re not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund of your purchase price. Guaranteed.

So, the idea is you learn from the CD-ROM’s.

From what I have seen, many say this does work very well. BUT one review comment said: It is a good way to pick up some passive vocabulary but to speak you should join a class.

The point here is we see the same type comments in our work at home business.

Many say “it doesn’t work” while others say it does.

So, the real answer to Does Rosetta Stone work is….depends on who you ask.

We find the same thing in our online program.

Some have huge success, some never get a sale…so why is this?

We feel the main reason is most expect too much too  soon with not enough efforts.

They don’t understand the efforts needed to build quality traffic and many just do not ask enough questions until they have this all mastered.

Rosetta Stone became so well known and popular from the intense marketing they did….they didn’t place a few ads and wait a week for results….HINT.

This is a business, online sales, and it needed to be treated like one.

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Does Rosetta Stone work is the question but the answer is depends on what YOU do with it, and expect it to have done for you.


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