Dr. Rick Fraser

Dr. Rick Fraser is my sponsor in one of my online programs. I met him in March 2010, when I was searching for a long term residual income program.

Dr. Rick FraserDr. Rick Fraser is a real life medical doctor who lives in Washington State. He is married and has a wife Tina.

One thing that is important in any home based business is to have people that can help you learn new skills that you did not know before, and will take the time to train you.

I had good traffic knowledge, but I never had a system to show others how to do what I did to make sales.

I was newer to network marketing and never really saw much success in past “mlm or network marketing ” attempts. I was never able to build a downline.

Rick explained that the team system he used DUPLICATED,meaning people below him were making sales just like he did, so that meant his business would indeed grow. A way to show new people how to duplicate what you do is key to mlm downline building success.

Trying to recruit your friends and family into your business like many network marketing companies tell you to do early on, just doesn’t work. And if you are like me, you are not a salesperson type…so you need a way to sell without having to track people down, cold call and close sale, agree?

Dr. Rick Fraser advised me that his system worked ( actually it is his sponsors system), and I tested it.

It worked like crazy and I immediately realized I had found a winning program, not to mention Dr. Ricks continual mentoring and assistance to me and my team.

I now teach my team the same as I learned from Rick and as I said, DUPLICATION is happening and my team grows.

I have taught brand new people and past failures in other programs to see their first online sales. Much of what I do is what Rick advised, and now my team advises their team and we are just average (hard working) people that want to find a way to better ourselves financially.

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Dr. Rick Fraser always refers to us in this manner: “We are all champions”. Dr. Rick Fraser is very good at maintaining a strong drive towards the finish goal, knows traffic and marketing inside and out, and is a great friend and mentor and wish him and his family long success and good health!

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