Drummers Joint Pain Relief

Drummers Joint Pain Relief can really aggravate you when playing and you can’t quite pull of those fast blazing drum fills or hit that snare hard all night, and as you get older (or even younger players) feel there may not be an easy solution.

I know after playing the drums my whole life, probably the one thing I have stuck with the longest, I don’t know what I would do if i could totally not play anymore.

With the need for  Drummers Joint Pain Relief in my case, I marvel at any drummer that is around my age and still has their younger shops.

The reason I am posting this is because I am a work from home type, and I do use and sell a product that has helped me and my drumming from improving my  Drummers Joint Pain.

Here is my youtube channel Click Here where it has some of my current band as well as me from about 24 years ago. There definitely is a difference in my energy now from back then. Hmm, no one told me this might happen!

drummers joint pain

As you can see, I’m still gigging on the weekends balancing a full time job with travel, a home based business and the usual day to day things to do. Lots of things to do and not being achy can help a lot.

Many drummers with  Drummers Joint Pain will have troubles at any age with hand, back, leg cramps ,etc from various reasons related to their proper holding of the stick, posture, and heredity. Just hitting hard all night can get anyone sore and achy by the end of the night. I know some guys that drink red bull and pop ibuprofen’s to dull the ache and add some dexterity to their playing.

I personally do not agree with taking those kinds of pain relief or energy boosters, as they can be harmful long term, or even short term.

What I experienced in my playing as i got older and especially in the last 3-4 years is less energy (or maybe I ached too much to play as hard), achy hands, less grip, back aches ( I have arthritis but this gets worse as the night goes on), I can’t play the same energy level through 3 one hours sets like I used to be able to. With my  Drummers Joint Pain playing two nights in a row anymore was something I dreaded.

Then I stumbled on this all natural juice that is an anti inflammatory that makes your whole body feel less achy.

If you want to try this juice, please read more here and if you have questions or just want to talk drums, email me at stan.work.from.home@gmail.com or leave a comment below. Yes, I do work from home and yes I may make a commission if you try Nopalea.

I took about 3 ounces for the first two weeks (they suggest up to 6 ounces a day but I tried less to save $), and when I sat at the drums I was astonished at what I felt.

I was able to do quite fast drum fills around the drums with my arms feeling light and with consistent energy and attack without running out of steam. I had better grip, my back and legs didn’t get as fatigued as the night went on, and I felt uplifted from the whole experience.

I saw a lot of google search results for  Drummers Joint Pain and thought to share my discovery.

I am sure aside from  Drummers Joint Pain there are many musicians with similar issues, as well as anyone that needs their hands and body to work fluently without ached and pains.

I hope this offers someone some relief of their  Drummers Joint Pain or any other similar troubles.









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