Expedia Travel Review

What can Expedia Travel Review do for you?

The question is, is  Expedia Travel Review really this best, free to the world public service when it comes to travel arrangements and all?  Well, probably the answer is … no, I don’t think so and really not too many people even understand exactly what’s going on with Expedia.

Nothing bad, I guess, I mean it’s Expedia after all. Well known and pretty well liked in general. Every time I say I need a vacation someone tells me, look on Expedia.

OK let me try to explain how this works:

Expedia Travel Review

You will see in this Expedia Travel Review that Expedia  is a giant travel advertising site. The highest bidding advertiser, or  highest bidder, wins the “lowest price guarantee” search result spot. Search resultis whe n you search for a place to vacation it for example.

As an example, let’s assume I am a resort in Miami Florida and I have an advertising account with Expedia. So I let them know I have a three bedroom, 2+  bath condo available December 28 through January the 4th, i.e. 7 nights.

Pretty popular time for Miami, New Years and all,  etc…

I would tell Expedia Travel Review the lowest I’m willing to rent that unit for that week for or my bottom line my best price for that week is $2,795.99 .

The next thing is where the resort or me in this example would say how much I am willing to pay to be Expedia’s “Lowest price guarantee price”. Keep in mind now, I am competing with all the other resorts bidding for that top spot at that time. Pretty competitive.

In the end the  resort that  is willing to pay the most for the “top pick search result” is the one Expedia will display when someone goes and searches for that date range and destination. Is this more clear how it works?

Here’s a little hint for you, that cost is  rarely the best deal out there! But for convenience and recognition of the Expedia name many of us just go there and sign up.

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