Fortune High Tech Marketing Review

Fortune High Tech Marketing Review.

Our Fortune High Tech Marketing Review (FHTM)found that it is a company that connects products and services to representatives who can help sell them.

This  Fortune High Tech Marketing Review also determined it was created by Paul Orberson from Lexington, Kentucky.

Taking a look at the Fortune High Tech Marketing Review website there are a number of products available for you to promote ranging from  magazines to services, to communications and health and beauty.That’s a pretty broad range!

Fortune High Tech Marketing Review

This means that members have a great choice on what they want to sell, according to where their skills and interest may lie BUT one draw back may be it makes it hard for you to really focus on just one niche. Also there is a saying in the sales business, if you try to sell everything to everyone, you will sell nothing to no one. In other words, you need to focus on a single niche at least early on until you have your marketing skills down pat.

In this Fortune High Tech Marketing Review we saw the website claims you can become FHTM business owners no matter what your background, helping you to earn a living for yourself with their innovative compensation plan.

Ok…so, Cost to join? $249

Compensation Plan :

You need to sign up three customers and then earn from their efforts to recruit others. This consists of a 2% commission earning from your “downline’s” FHTM product usage. If you sell its true essentials products you gain 20% from the total sales volume. The trick may be getting those first 3 under you. We can help there.

This was interesting: Even though the opportunity with Fortune High Tech Marketing looks attractive  there are a few things to consider such as the “Stair Step Breakaway Plan” . When people in your organization start to  perform as well as you, they “breakaway”. This leaves you the only option which is to recruit more people  to fill in their place. You need to do this so that you can maintain your monthly checks.

That should be easy at that point as you are seasoned by then.

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Fortune High Tech Marketing Review information seems like it may work for you but always check out a program by emailing them some questions to see if the support is really there by their replies to your questions.

7 thoughts on “Fortune High Tech Marketing Review”

  1. This is correct, especially now since it only takes 6 people with 5 customer points to go from Manger to Regional. About $600 less for the rep building the team… than the former comp plan. As you move up the ladder of success, you are promoted however as your team promotes, they break away from you and the compensation is less. The most success we have with the residual income is to gather commercial natural gas customers or electricity in states were it is degregulated. The comp plan has changed so many times it’s confusing. We believe in Network Marketing, but FHTM is not the same company we joined four years ago. Focus on selling energy services and teach others to do this on your team. Good luck.

    1. Thanks for your information. Yes, I know Network marketing works from my main program, but the key is to have something that sells readily and always will so you have long term residual income building potential. Then need a way to show others how to duplicate what I do so their and my income will grow. And it should be simple to learn and work fast so newbies we results soon so they don’t get discouraged. That’s a lot to try to offer but the program I am in does a pretty good job, IF we are willing to put in the efforts. Thanks again and everyone hope these comments are helpful. stan

  2. I understand that Fortune High Tech is shut down and a lot of the up line is jumping ship to other companies like Consumer Choice Marketing. I am a Regional Director for the company and if you would like to join a great company contact me 517-548-1954 or website . We pay dollars for a gas account and not pennies. We are in 29 states for energy.
    Joe Ostervik

    1. Hi Joe. thanks for the update. I am all set in my current income streams; been building GDI for 3 years and all is good :). Best of luck to you in your endeavors. Working from home/online is the best! Stan

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