GDI Pyramid Scheme; Legit or Scam?

Let’s discuss this GDI Pyramid Scheme and see if you still wonder about GDI after we explain a few things.

If we had a GDI Pyramid Scheme I would say it is the best kept secret online since they been in existance since 1999.

That would be about 13 years of running a “pyramid scheme”.

Do you really think that is possible?

There are many laws that govern companies and they especially are looked at closely when they first start out to be sure they are not a pyramid.

For those of you not sure we mean by GDI Pyramid Scheme, this is where the person on the top of the pyramid makes all the money, and those below don’t make much and you need to be on the top to make an decent money.

Well that is totally not what GDI is all about.

GDI Pyramid Scheme

Let me explain why, and YES I am a member since March 2010.

Why GDI Pyramid Scheme is not TRUE:

1. We earn FIVE levels only. So there are people way about me, that cannot earn from the business or sales that I create.

2. There are many levels BELOW my FIVE that are making someone below money, and until I earn the infinity bonus ( where I can earn on all levels below me) I cannot make a penny from them.

3. There could be someone on my 2nd, 3rd, 4th , 5th level that will grow a downline/team way bigger than mine and earn more.

4. Simplest answer: they would have been caught and shut down long ago if they truly had a GDI Pyramid Scheme .

Many people misunderstand what mlm’s are (multi level marketing).  They think they are pyramids.

Any reputable company would not try any pyramid schemes. What’s the point….they would only get in trouble and shut down.

What most think when we say GDI Pyramid Scheme is they don’t believe there are people that actually build downlines and teams.

Well, I have some 14000 members below me. I have many below me that are building nice downlines/incomes.

The key to that success is a system that teaches to get traffic and then that traffic converts to sales.

I use this for all my marketing needs:

==>> My Home Biz Builder.

I use this to explain the GDI opportunity: GDI Opportunity
It has our team capture page, simple TRAFFIC ideas and full lifetime support. It has built my GDI residual income these past 2.5 years.

I will never stop building GDI.

We hope you join our team and find this GDI Pyramid Scheme article helpful.

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