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So you are here for one reason, to find out once and for all how to get rich online. Or for some of you that been “scammed”, how to make your first dollar, first sale online.

Get Rich OnlineOnce we know this we can think about the many ways to get rich online.

First off I need to tell you the truth. For those of you that have been scammed online joining different programs, I will agree there are some that for sure are flat out scams.

BUT what if I told you that you may have been in a program that was totally NOT a scam, and you may have been very close to making a sale!

You see the problem is, most “Get Rich Online” ads are hyped up just enough to get us excited to join the program.

Ads that are not hyped some, flat out just do not get anyones attention.

So be cautious about that.

Most programs are designed to make sales and to work, would you not agree?

So why do some do well and so many do not?

Simple reason.

They never learn how to generate enough traffic to any program to see even their 1st sale.

OR worse. They are one more prospect away from a sale and they quit saying “this too is a scam”.

Folks it takes a LOT of traffic to see one opt in, then it takes a lot more to see enough opt ins to make that 1st sales.

IF you learn this, then take the time and patience to grow some traffic, you should see a sale in most any program you join.

We recommend a low ticket program, as anything more than $10 in todays economy is a stretch for most to afford.

But don’t discount the fact that even a $10 program can’t get you “rich”. My top program, gets people to join and many just keep the account for the use of the services- they never even try to sell it.

So, what if you stayed in such a program for say 2-5 years….do you think that in that time you may build some income?

YES, it may take 1,2,3, maybe 5 years to grow a nice 4 to 5 figure income and never have to answer to a BOSS again.

But are you willing to put in that time?

Are you trusting enough to spend that much time working at an get rich online program?

Those are the questions many never realize they may need to ask themselves. And sadly many fail.

They simply expect way too much way too soon with way too little effort, then they jump from one program to another looking for the one that “works”.

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There are many ways to get rich online but we all need to walk before we run. Try learning how to make your very first sale online, then YOU will know the “secret” to get rich online.

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