Global Domains International GDI Leaderboard – How To Get On The GDI Leaderboards

So you want to know how to get on the GDI leaderboard (s)?

Global International GDI Leaderboard (s), is a nice place to see your name in recognition of your efforts to get sales.GDI Leaderboard

GDI pays a nice bonus for every 5 weekly sales that stay past the 7 day free trial. (TIP: if you are brand new to online sales, you will not likely see many sales in your first 7 days; this offers you a nice way to look around the program, BUT please realize growing traffic takes time to happen online- unless you have a bunch of friends waiting to join you, and we DO NOT sell our GDI program to friends and family!)

OK, back to the topic 🙂

Getting on the leaderboards requires a few simple items:

1. A high converting capture page that will turn prospects into sales: our team page is: RecruitLikeStan
TIP: most people selling GDI do not only use the GDI websites and video presentations, they use a system that back sells GDI.
2. TRAFFIC: any online program needs quality niche type traffic. You need enough traffic to get enough “opt ins” to get enough sales. This may be an eye opening read…I am still writing it, but it is the TRUTH about traffic. Understand this and you will NEVER quit an online program again and you WILL see results: How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website . My top leaders in GDI made it to the leaderboards using FR.EE traffic like this.
3. Customer service/followup: on my team, we encourage you contact your new sign up to welcome them to the team, then we send out a team welcome email. We help all one on one to learn the above.
4. SYSTEM: we all have heard about “systems” that do the selling and telling. Well, our system has worked well for me since March 2010 and I have been on the GDI leaderboard nearly every week. That bonus really is nice as it pays for most of my advertising.

Check out our top rated system: My Home Biz builder. You can learn more about My Home Biz Builder here.

Folks, we do offer traffic ideas that can get anyone to the GDI leaderboard with our system, BUT you will need to do the work. You cannot join just a few ad sources and post a couple ads and expect much response- this is true of all online advertising. We also can help you build long term traffic with review websites, PPC (pay per click), blogs, article marketing, video marketing , you tube, facebook, social marketing and more.

ANYONE can see their name on the leaderboards if they have the tools, skills and the desire to get there.

Global Domains International GDI Leaderboards is a great goal for you so follow this how to get on the GDI leaderboards review and see you at the top.

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