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Global Domains International Inc. is a fantastic way to get started in an online business.

Global Domains InternationalYou can get started by taking their 7 day free trial with Global Domains International which if you get to work at it, you can even make money online for free.

We are a bit biased in this post because we have been GDI affiliates since March 2010 and have a downline over 5000 in size!

Folks, if you tried online marketing and never saw a downline build, you need to see what GDI can do for you.

There are a few reasons why I feel Global Domains grows so nicely:

1. Some people join GDI and just keep the domain and hosting services at $10/month (basic members).
2. Some join and promote GDI using the GDI only websites and video presentations like mine is: Global Domains International.
3. Some join and work to grow a business by using one of various marketing systems, to “back sell” GDI. We use this system for example: My Home Biz Builder. You can read more about My Home Biz Builder here.

So as you can see, people KEEP their GDI domains and services even if they do not market the product or pursue the business opportunity.

This is a “secret” about GDI that most do not realize when looking for a way to build a home based business- this leads to a high retention rate, which leads to faster growth of your downline, and higher residual incomes each month.

As we all have read before, if you offer a high quality service or product at a less than expected cost, you will over deliver on value and this simple formula often leads to a nice retention and business growth.

The cost to get started w/ Global Domains International (GDI) is $10/month. In todays economy, the only better price point is, and GDI offers a free 7 day trial, so it has appeal to anyone looking for a way to earn at home.

If you get 5 sales a week you also earn a $100 bonus for every 5 sales- so at for example 20 sales you could earn $400 bonus. Many find this bonus to cover advertising costs, or just a nice additional income if you do a lot of advertising.

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Global Domains International has been around for many years and will be around for many more so another good reason to join; you can build this business for many many years…raising your residual income to your hearts desire without worry that the company will fold in the middle of your business building- like to many other “get rich quick” type programs do. Check Global Domains International out.

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