Global Resorts Network Reviews; Truth About Global Resorts Network

Global Resorts Network Reviews, is something I am very familiar with. I sold GRN several years ago with two different systems used back then (Reverse Funnel System and IIP- aka Infinite Income Plan).

Both of those systems are no longer in use for various reasons BUT Global Resorts Network is as strong as it was years ago. Why?

Global Resorts NetworkVery simple and the one take away from this review: It offers a viable product, and it has been in business for some 20 years! Joining established companies like Global Resorts Network will assure you will not join something that may run into problems in their 1st few years and close= leaving you with no work at home business.  Global Resorts Network simply offers a lifetime travel membership and you can resell this to others. I will not get into all the details of the business or program…I will offer some info on why this may be a good choice for you.

My good buddy Bill also sold GRN years back and he made some 6 figures at that time. Then the systems used to promote GRN ( these were 3rd party systems and like many things online, they tend to run their course, then fade away) closed down. For a while Bill did not promote GRN.

These “systems” are what do the “selling and telling” as they say , so the prospect is educated about the product and company so when they are close to joining, you need to do very little to “sell” them. This is how many solid programs are run online- most of use are not good sales people so we need systems to help us 🙂 The systems do the work.

Then a few months ago he found a system that Mark Hoverson uses and he started to test it.

Well, Bill is smiling from ear to ear and is again offering the GRN program and also is making RETAIL sales.

Guess what? So am I. You can check out the Global Resorts Network Business Opportunity presentation here.

So, you can sell GRN as a business opportunity or a retail product, but you will soon see this business as a way of life. The product is w/o a doubt one of the best in its class, so it’s fun to promote.

On the commissions I’ll briefly state the options: Silver costs $1995 w/ a $1000 commission. Platinum runs $4995 with a $3250 commission and Platinum Plus is $12500 with a $7700 commission.These figures do not include the $100 annual GRN fee for their webites,etc.,so add $100 to each level cost.

The KEY point here is what if YOU could make just ONE Platinum sale a month? Or even ONE Silver sale a month?

Would $1000 to $3250 be a nice addition to your monthly income? Many join at these levels.BUT some also join at the top level; imagine your $7700 commission…wow.

Most people earning online do so with the right program, the right system, the right traffic. They sell either low ticket or high ticket offers….and often a combination of both.

Global Resorts Network is one of the TOP high ticket programs and is part of the BILLION dollar travel industry, so you may want to look into GRN today.

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