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Effective Leadership Skills is one not too often thought about trait we need to learn when starting a home based business.

I am probably dating myself with the “Focus Daniel son” comment. I think of this all the time when either I myself start to think “there’ s an easier way” or one of my new team members is making their first sales online and are thinking “this isn’t fast enough”. That’s when I need to help them focus and stay the course and my Effective Leadership Skills become critical.

Effective Leadership Skills are not needed in every online make money program but in those where we are selling to people who we need them to do what we do to grow a downline and income, it is very important, but simple.

Effective Leadership Skills are really pretty simple if we apply them daily.

Effective Leadership Skills

Let me cover a few key Effective Leadership Skills:

1. FOCUS- if we waver and are advertising other programs, our downline will see this and it can get them to think, well if he/she is wandering around, then THIS must not be so great after all. Also focusing on ONE traffic method until we see sales flow in is another key thing to learn.

2. Support your people with detailed instructions. I see many emails from my members that are sent from phones and are a line long. I have written full page explanations to my members questions. The time we invest in our members will come back ten fold. BUT, if you have members who prefer to not work hard, or are not in touch frequently, we still support them but I usually suggest they be more active to see the BIG results they expect.

3. Another Effective Leadership Skills is answering the phone.I am not good at this due to my schedule BUT I can ssure you that if you talk to your prospects and members, your business relationships will flourish and your team will be much stronger and FOCUSED. Think how you feel if some high level leader takes interest in you.

4. Be tactful: some members may need many sessions to teach them how all this works. I have had Doctors, lawyers, welders, electricians, Mom’s, retired people and all walks of life join my team. They all need specific attention and the best way to develop a team is to treat each individually with respect and promote their individual skills. You never know who your next superstar may be.

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Effective Leadership Skills should be developed daily and remember we can get what we want in life if we help enough others get what they want.




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