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Online Business Network Marketer - Stan TomaszewskiHi, My name is Stan Tomaszewski, I have been marketing online since March 2006 when I started my first online business website at: businessreviews4you.com.

I am a Dad, a licensed Professional Engineer, have worked in manufacturing for some 30 years as a manager/supervisor, I play drums in local bands and I love to teach people how to become successful online marketers. Getting them to their first online sale is my main goal, once they do that I can’t stop them! :)My goal years back was to learn how to sell things online, so that if I ever found myself without a JOB, I could fall back on my internet business.

Well, as many of you may know, learning how to market online is not always that obvious. There are so many ways to get the same conclusion, that it can make your head spin sometimes trying to figure out who actually is telling you the real answers to how to make a sale with a website.I was lucky to start with my review site that I mentioned, as it worked well to drive targeted traffic to my work at home program and business offers. BUT, I still was searching for the right product that I could see as a long term business to run from my home.You see, there are so many come and go programs, that promise the sky, moon and stars, but the truth is, many people will join those promises and find themselves never earning a penny online.

Then I came across a team that really seemed to offer a program that had real support, not help tickets and they had answers when I asked them technical marketing questions. They also were promoting a business that offered a high demand product, domain names and hosting, along with a low price point that is perfect in today’s economy… only $10 a month.I joined them and was immediately one of their top performers and have been BUILDING my business and reputation since March 2010. My company offers a lifetime residual income potential- residual income is the best way to build your financial success online. You see, success online comes from learning the skills to drive targeted traffic to your program, then having a hands off marketing system that converts to sales with you doing very little work. It also comes from finding reputable team members and sponsors/mentors that can teach you how to become a leader in your business. People follow people in this online community! That’s my little story of how I found my niche online.

As you look at this blog and read the reviews and pages you will see I am in various programs that all generate income.

My top two are below and you can get more FREE information by clicking here or call,skype or email me to learn more:

1. Global Domains International– $10/month to get started! A long term domain and hosting company; everyone online needs this product.

2. Global Resorts Network– a long term vacation membership product that sells to both retail and business opportunity seekers!

I look forward to taking you step by step from any level of skills you have to a full time income producing marketer.I love to help others and I am here to serve you to reach  your family’s financial goals.

Welcome again and please ASK me questions as that is how we all became online and internet marketing successes!

Have a great and blessed day and good luck in your business ventures!

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  1. Hi Stan, this sounds promising! I am excited! Couple of questions though: is the free $1075 worth of ads in yahoo, google & pay per click a one-time deal only, or, if I sign up (and you being my upline) would I always have access to it to continue advertising so I can refer people to GDI? I clicked on “start now” from your site but it went directly to GDI’s sign up page, and not yours. How, then, can I access your “complete business system” so I can duplicate your success? I like the fact that you will help me make money with your “complete business system”…after all, whenever I make money, you also make money! Thank you, Jonathan.

    1. I don’t quite follow your exact questions but if you opted into our marketing system at http://www.recruitlikestan.com you can email me your questions there.Our system is simple if we are willing to follow directions and put the work/effort in. We learn to send targeted traffic to our team marketing system, the same system that I have used for over 2 years to grow a nice GDI residual income. ANYONE can do what I do if they put in the effort. stan

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