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From one of my top leaders/recruiter and good friend, Anuj Atri:

JULY 2011: —- I joined Stan’s Team about a year back. Being quite new to internet marketing I did not know what to expect. But I was extremely impressed with his professional demeanor, honesty and to-the-point internet marketing strategies.The expertise and guidance he provided has taken my GDI sales to the whole next level. He is detail oriented, patient and very quick to respond to any questions or ideas I have. It is obvious that he truly enjoys what he is doing as seen by the way he has dominated the GDI leaderboards for so long…Amazing ! Working with him has been quite an enjoyable experience from day one. I look forward to continue working with him and making the business grow. Thank you Stan !

Thank YOU Anuj! Anuj is currently building a residual income for his immediate family using the GDI Product and MHBB team marketing system. I am proud to have him on my team.

From my team member in GDI, a great leader and friend, Judy Wiley:

Nov. 2011:  Having been online for a few years & never having done much other than SPEND money, I decided to research successful marketers & find someone that would actually help. They all promise but never do. Then I found Stan & I questioned him rigorously. I received not only a quick response to every email I sent, but a detailed, & honest answer. I knew I had found the right place & the right Team.

Through Stan’s direction my GDI business is continually thriving. The guidance I receive is unmatched. Both Stan & GDI have been an absolute blessing & I couldn’t ask for a more dedicated, knowledgeable & pleasant mentor. He is truly the real deal!

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  1. Hello Stan…

    I am hoping you can help me. I am in your GDI downline, Bill Tanner’s GDI downline, Martin Wilson’s GDI downline and have not been able to sign up ONE person! I would appreciate any advice. Also, every time I clicked on the yellow highlighted above, my virus protection blocked me from going to the website. Thank you for your help.

    Scott Bankston

    1. Hi, Email me and I can help. You need a SYSTEM to backsell GDI ( I am sure Martin offered you his FR.EE system when you joined) then you need to work very hard and diligently to get traffic to that system. Most people do not work hard enough to generate the traffic. Then they call everything online a scam and feel nothing works- wrong for sure. Sorry on the delay to reply I am very buried in inquiries. stan

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