How To Build A List – Helpful List Building Tips

How To Build A List – Helpful List Building Tips:

List BuildingI’ll get right down to business on this post…. How To Build A List is pretty easy, and I’ll offer some Helpful List Building Tips as well so you don’t make the same mistakes I did early on.

First, as a reminder of what we all have heard, “The money is in the list“. This can mean if you have a large enough list, and you are careful to make that list into a group of people that follow your guidance, you can earn a nice income from sending ads to this list and monetizing it. List building is key.

BUT if you are constantly sending only ads to the list, they will quickly see you as just someone looking to make a buck. What you need to do is send periodic emails to your list offering them tips, strategies, info on what you are doing that is working, anything that can help them become better marketers.

I sent some free backlink generating software like this recently and got a huge response. Social Monkee Review-Backlink Builder. Your list will thank you for the helpful tips. Software seems to be a nice high converting thing to offer your list.

So to build a list, you will need the following basic things:

1. Autoresponder: The autoresponder will send out your emails, and it will hold your list names and email addresses. We use Aweber
, an industry standard. We also recently added a new program that offers an autoresponder PLUS hosting and the ability to create a blog all for only $9.95…so this is a huge value to get yourself started in having the tools set up to build your list. This new program is Host Then Profit.

2. Capture Page: You will need some form of web page where people can fill in their email address and name (phone optional usually) to get in your list once they subscribe. Our page for our top program is RecruitLikeStan
Check it out to see how the sales process works.

3. TRAFFIC: OK, this is easy or hard depending on your understanding of how traffic really flows online. It takes a lot more effort than we all think when we are new, to get decent traffic flowing to your website. This review may help you understand all this better: How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website.

There are many ways to get traffic for and one of the easiest to COPY and learn are using List Building Review . You can for sure get leads (opt ins) from free list builders. So you can start list building easily this way.

Eventually you will want to grow your traffic and invest in a blog or other form of ongoing traffic.

To summarize, you need to send TRAFFIC to your capture page, and the autoresponder will handle the followup messages to your list that will grow in the autoresponder lead storage area.

This youtube video we made may help understand the whole sales funnel process that most online business or programs use: Sales Funnels Explained- How ALL Professional Online Marketing Systems Work.

This one may help you better understand Basics of Autoresponders-Landing pages-Sales pages.

Need a program to “sell” to your list? You can get many low cost programs for at Or you can try our top recommended program. It’s always best to start w/ something that is proven and you have someone to take you by the hand and COPY what we do. Send us an email if you have questions and we will be happy to assist you.

Remember to NEVER just sell to your list… list building done right is an art or skill to learn so you develop a rapport with your prospects, then once you have won their trust, they will follow your lead.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
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It may seem like a lot of information to digest but take it a step at a time and soon you will know How To Build A List, and use some of the Helpful List Building Tips we offered here.

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