Insider Secrets- Legit or Scam?

Insider Secrets For real?

The term Insider Secrets seems to be popping up all over the internet  lately. It is being used by marketing guru’s, offshore investing systems, auction income systems, real estate guru’s and many more online businesses and programs.

What I get a kick out of is knowing the reality behind all these so called Insider Secrets and the fact that there are no real secrets to online success, but there are some skills to know and some tips that could guide you to the right program.  As you can see on this website, I have researched many opportunities that claimed to have Insider Secrets.

I guess my insider secrets is that only one opportunity offered me the answers to my income and financial needs for my family which i will tell you all about here, and it is all here for you right on this site. Please read on and become one who knows the true insider secrets so you can start earning today.

Insider Secrets

Here are some tips that may help guide you to your financial success and are not really insider secrets, well maybe a little.

1. The lower the cost of the program the easier it is to sell. High priced nowadays will rarely sell from a website. You will need to cold call prospects to sell high cost items. We never cold call anyone. No one has that kind of time.

2. Free trials will help make initial sales easier, so you as the newbie can see a sale in maybe 15 prospects versus 100.

3. The faster the newbie can make a sale, the more they will believe in their program, and not get disillusioned.

4. Get a good sponsor or mentor. I learned the most from my sponsors who I asked HUNDREDS of questions.

5. If you don’ t ask your sponsor questions, they don’t know what you need!  Then we will work with those asking the questions. Our time is often limited so we have to manage that best we can.

6. Some sponsors get 10-100 sales a day. We can only attend to those that ask for help usually. It is not easy to phone support 100 new weekly sales. 1 hour each on the phone would be 100 hours. Email is always preferred. Just keep asking and you will be surprised at what you learn.

7. ALL programs work. YOU need to understand TRAFFIC. Not all traffic works. Not all traffic works for every program. Most traffic takes time to build. A few classified ads a day will not get you a food of sales.

So, are these insider secrets? We hope some of what we listed was helpful, so you stop spinning your wheels.

This online business stuff is fantastic if you learn the facts.

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