Instant Money Toolkit Review- Is This A Solid Work At Home Program?

Instant Money Toolkit offers a “free” getting started info CD, which in reality requires you to pay shipping which is about $4.95.

Instant Money ToolkitThen there are offers for a higher priced than the Instant Money Toolkit product which runs nearly $300, and also a monthly $39.95 charge.

Folks, if you take anything away from this Instant Money Toolkit Review or anything at this site, PLEASE learn a few things about success online.

1. You need a personal mentor. Not some GURU, but someone that you can email often and ask questions. Courses are good to read or for reference, but you really need to be taught this business by someone that is doing it! My top leaders emailed ne every day for weeks when they started asking 50, 100 or more questions…guess what happened to them? Then LEARNED all this and are successful! Some were far away , like in India..but they still made it. 🙂

2. There is no one way to learn online marketing. MANY things work, you just need to find the ways that suit you. For example, I don’t mind writing so I can add posted to this blog and these posts will get me TRAFFIC.

3. TRAFFIC is key to success. NO traffic = no sales. Simple concept but many join program after program and NEVER working to BUILD up their traffic. SECRET HINT: most programs will work. If we send ENOUGH TRAFFIC to the capture page anyone will see a sale convert. READ THIS: How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website.

4. READ #3 it over and over. Do nothing until you truly understand the work necessary to generate traffic. I will bet many of you were in a program and just did not wait long enough to see your traffic work….IF you were doing the basics that do work…like article marketing, blogging, seo, social marketing,etc.

5. Careful on the programs that only want you to pay shipping….even $4.95 then a recurring $39/month from thousands of people can add up fast….so again READ #1…and find someone to work with.

6. Most “leads systems” do not work. They may work a little but you need many many leads to get 1 sale. If the lead is POOR quality…then you will need thousands or even hundreds of thousands to see even ONE sale.

7. Try to join programs where the websites make the sales. If you need to phone people, and most are not sales people, you will not get too far. My program makes sales all by the website. I never speak to anyone until I see the sale come through. If you are busy, this is the way to go.

8. DO NOT expect to get rich overnight. Don’t you think we’d all be rich if this were true? Plan on 3 months initially to get your business off the ground. Maybe less, maybe more depending on YOUR work ethic.

9. YES, programs like GDI ( Global Domains International) can grow fast where you only need to recruit 6 people who then do the same 5 levels deep to earn you some $9300/month. BUT that is a perfect world. The reality is PEOPLE do not work this way…some don’t work their business at all. 95% will not work much at anything they join online. BUT the few % that will work, and ask questions to learn can grow you a very nice downline and RESIDUAL income.

Hopefully this offered you something to think about when you join another program and start to think “this doesn’t work”.Fact is, it probably does work- you just need to get enough traffic to your program… Instant Money Toolkit.

If recruiting is not for you, then try some of our passive income programs. ==>>     Easy To Do Income Programs

Instant Money Toolkit may help you, but one on one training is best. Good luck to you and hope you enjoyed the Instant Money Toolkit Review!

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