Internet Speedway Reviews; Legit or Scam?

Internet Speedway Reviews; Legit or Scam?

Sometimes the work at home business opportunity arena feels like an Internet Speedway Reviews and ya want to just pull over and let all the hype and other non useful information just pass you by.

As we found when researching this Internet Speedway Reviews, there are some that say it is a great program and they had success, while others said it “doesn’t work”.

If this is the case with this Internet Speedway Reviews, and you will see similar all over the internet, then what’s the deal?

Why do some go to the head of the class and others can’t make a penny online?

Read on, maybe we can help.

Internet Speedway Reviews

In this Internet Speedway Reviews, we learned the initial offer when you join is like $9.95. Then once you are a member there is a hosting cost that runs around $60 for 6 months and then there is a “back end” product that runs some $3500.

I can hear some of you now…”they get you in then they just want your money”.

MY though is, “did you contact the company BEFORE you joined to learn ALL that you will need to invest to see what level of results?

So many people join things without ever even looking into the program to see if they even get a reply before they join. A nice customer service connection before we join anything online sure would be a good thing, don’t you agree?

Further in our Internet Speedway Reviews we saw that you do get a replicated website to sell their products, that are stored in their exclusive warehouse. Replicated websites are what we get in many online programs, but the more seasoned marketers know those sites do not rank well with google so you really cant market using SEO (search engine optimization) or PPC (pay per click); at least not on google adwords.  But ppc is advanced and you need a simple way to get starter traffic.

So, so far we know this is a program where you can sell their products. The real question is, how exactly will you get traffic and make sales.

This is where we can enlighten you on why some see results and others may never make a penny online.

You MUST have traffic and a LOT of it. Or better said, you need more than what we typically think to make sales.

Many join programs online and start out posting ads on Craigs list or other classified sites. This can work, maybe more on Craigs list but you may need a LOT of ads posted. Definitely more than 2-5 a day…and maybe even more than 100 a day. Depends on your ad and your offer.

Are you seeing the point here?

Hopefully in this Internet Speedway Reviews, if you take anything away, we hope you realize how much efforts we need to get enough traffic to any offer. Then all traffic is not equal. Some is more quality or targeted than other traffic. Again this depends on your webpage and also the cost of your product. Something less than say $50 usually sells from the website w/o you doing too much to make the sale.

Things more than $100 or so usually may need a  phone call to assure the buyer you and the product are real.

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We hope this Internet Speedway Reviews was helpful and be sure to join programs where the seller at least emails you before or as you join.





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