Joel Therien Pure Leverage Review

In this Joel Therien Pure Leverage Review we will cover the costs to get involved in Pure Leverage, and whether it may be the right program for you.

We feel that the info in this Joel Therien Pure Leverage Review will show you that it is fantastic place if starting an online business and it can be used to promote any business.

Many people join  Pure Leverage by Joel Therien solely to promote the program, but you will see that the tools within Pure Leverage can be used for promoting many businesses and at a much lower cost in some cases.

Oh, by the way, we are members which we should make clear in this Joel Therien Pure Leverage Review before we go too much farther.

Joel Therien Pure Leverage Review

The Pure Leverage system launched on March 4, 2012. So it has been around some time and is not likely to go out of business like so many programs go online. Joel’s program has passed the test of time so far and keeps adding tons of value for the cost.

The Pure Leverage product will cost you $24.95/monthly. If you want to earn and receive 100% commissions , then you will need to upgrade and become an affiliate which will cost you another $19.97 per month on top of your product ($24.95). So a total of about $45 to have all the tools needed to start a work from home business.

This is what you get for the $29.95 product (Pure Leverage) cost:

1. Elite online marketing coaching

2. Lead capture/management system-Autoresponder (compare to  Aweber, GetResponse a much better value)

3. A professional blog -this blew me away and the training was SUPER EASY. I bet you can have a blog post done in 10 minutes or less.

4. Traffic generation coaching program

5.  Live online meeting room

6.  Video email service (compare to Talkfusion or Iwowwe)

7. Insiders club access and A-to-Z home study course

8. Testimonial generator


Again, much of this can be used to promote any business.

I can tell you that for the cost, the tools are amazing. Just a comparison to aweber ( you can check them out for your own cost comparison) you are getting way more “all in one” home business package here.

Check Joel Therien Pure Leverage Review in more detail here.

One thing we look for in researching an online business is leadership. Will the owner truly help and lead anyone that joins. Now Joel Therien is way too busy to mentor us individually, but you can see him very visible and active in the promotion of Pure Leverage. He also has a proven track record from his previous ventures which alone sets him in the “top 10” of truly successful online marketers.

Aligning oursleves with trustworthy and successful people is often a good starting point to get going in this or any business.

Our top program is <a href=>GDI </a> which we have been active and on the leaderboards for 3++ years and have built a downline of over 19000 at this writing. We are adding the products as in this Joel Therien Pure Leverage Review to top off our few truly top of the line programs we feel will be around for many years to come.

We hope this Joel Therien Pure Leverage Review helps you to find a best way to start your home based business.



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