John Alexander Review

John Alexander Reviews.

John Alexander is a licensed mortgage broker and author who is able to originate loans anywhere nationwide and  is also a certified business consultant and has created several software applications designed for note discounting.

He also is responsible for a no risk real estate investing method that is patented and is called The Inverse Purchase.

I L Products of which John Alexander is the CEO, is the parent company of Gray Stone, a company that features The Inverse Purchase T/M as well as training on note brokering and real estate investing.

The John Alexander real Estate Riches in 14 Days is supposed to teach any individual how to close a profitable real estate deal in just two short weeks which is pretty quick. Included in his real estate  program are real estate investing manuals as well as CD’s containing contracts and forms and his Quick Start are also part of his complete course.

John Alexander

Further in his course, he discusses foreclosure fortunes, and has monthly teleseminars and access to support staff are also included. John Alexander also offers some of his students to be coached by some of his professionally trained investment coaches which is very good and helpful to have available.

Having a mentor or sponsor that helps is the best way to learn any business in our opinion.

John Alexander also has many books to his credit including: “No Money ? No Credit? No Problem”, “Make More Money Than You Can Spend”, “14 Day Action Plan”, “Forms to Financial Freedom”,  and “What Brokers Don’t Want You To Know, Mortgage Magic”.

Real estate as we have said many times is a definite money maker and sound business investment vehicle. Do realize that your results will be dependent on your personal work efforts and ability to manage your money and decisions to invest and grow your income.

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John Alexander appears to have a good program and is not a scam as long as you plan to learn and work at growing your real estate business and he sure seems like he can help you get there.

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