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This Linkedin Review is about how to use social marketing in your online work at home business.

I will also discuss trends I have seen in online marketing since I started back in 2006 which makes Linkedin Review and other social networking sites very important to your success.

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linkedin review

To get started in online marketing, we will see all kinds of ads saying you need facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, twitter, and many other social networking accounts to get traffic and to be successful.

I can tell you that you DO NOT need all that in my program to get your 1st sales online.

I can get anyone to see sale #1 in a week or so IF you COPY exactly what I tell you to do.

However, if you really want to build a business online, you do need to grow your social presence so people see you as a real person and there to assist them.

The problem when you are new to this is you try to do everything and we simply can’t do it all at once. So I show you how to ge that 1st sale, then you know what it takes to grow traffic, THEN you can add in all the social connections.

GOOGLE is what is behind most everything online.

Google wants to create a huge social experience for users of their search engine, and part of that includes Linkedin review as like here, google +, and all the others I mentioned.

Your online presence in time will be a huge connection of your social sites all linked together with all the other networkers online.

Years ago, you didn’t need all this, as it didn’t exist in the form of Linkedin Review or facebook, but we still networked. Remember the home parties, or business meetings. Some people still do that, and guess what? It is very effective. Face to face or any social connections is the key to who we work with and buy from.

Many traffic exchanges now have a CHAT area so you can network while you surf….are you starting to see the direction all this is heading?  Even I need to get more with it, as so far my traffic has been pretty good w/o all this social networking.

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Hope this helps your understanding of the need for social networking.

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