Marketing Training – Subject or Headline Can Make Or Break Your Ad

Having a strong subject or headline on a webpage or email ad, can make a huge difference in how many people look further at your website or even open your email ad.Subject or Headlines

Question: OK, if you do email marketing, what gets the
ad opened?


No one knows what your email says if
they do not like the subject line.

How many emails do you DELETE
just by what the subject line says?

SO, the same is true of web pages.

We all scan webpages…we don’t all read every
word- ok, some do, but most will not read
anything unless something catches their eye..

Like a Subject or HEADLINE.

My team marketing system now has a cool
feature where we can change the SUBJECT or HEADLINE
to our capture page.

We can even try two at the same time and see
which gets more people to OPT IN….pretty
cool , huh?

Let me ask you….does this HEADLINE
grab your attention?:
FRE.E System, Earn $200 Before You Turn In Tonight

My tests tell me that headline gets me more
sales than the my other ones…and to maximize our results we
need maximum conversions of prospects to sales.

Even a couple more sales a week can make a difference.

This is a tool that can help find a best HEADLINE
or SUBJECT line:

Keep up the great work for those working our
team GDI/MHBB program.

Hope this was informative.

The best way to learn all this stuff is to ASK
us questions…there is NO ONE best way to
teach everyone…as we all have different
starting points, so ASK,ASK and ASK some

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Don’t get too hung up on what headline or subject line to use.

We give those to all new member so they can simply copy
their way to see DUPLICATEABLE results when you use eye catching Subject or Headlines.

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