Master Leader Board

So you want the secret to Master Leader Board?

Master Leader Board is often referred to for GDI or Global Domains International Inc. where you can get your name on the leader boards for top sales each week.

Master Leader BoardI have been on the leaderboards almost every week since I joined GDI back in March 2010.

To Master Leader Board you don’t need anything special…just a few solid items that work.

There are other programs that have a leaderboard, like GVO for example, and they too offer  a nice

bonus for having a certain number of sale per week or month.

Here are my secrets steps to Master Leader Board in any program:

1. Use a high converting capture page.

2. Use a followup system of emails that are proven to close sales without you ever making a cold call. Let the website do the selling and telling.

3. Use MASSIVE efforts to get your ads out. You cannot Master Leader Board with posting an ad a day…or even 20 ads a day.

4. If your advertising efforts are not showing results, then WORK harder.

5. Be sure to test your ads. Don’t use different ads until you are sure they pull in sales. Use ONE ad if that’s the one you see working.

6. To get some good starter traffic flowing, use list builders:List Building Review Ask us for some ad example.

7. Once you see some opt ins you KNOW the system works. So then decide a staregy to build traffic for a solid YEAR.Yes a YEAR!  You can’t really get a home business going w/o some serious traffic and you cannot usually build that up in a few weeks or months. Unless you know PPC (pay per click). We can teach you that too.

Folks Master Leader Board is as easy as sending massive volumes of targeted traffic to a capture page that makes the sale.

Most of us do not realize how much effort is needed to get enough traffic to a site to make a sale. This is where most fail we feel.

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To Master Leader Board you need the above and someone to answer your questions as you learn so do get in touch with us we are here to help.

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