Mike Dillard Reviews – Magnetically Legit or Scam?

Mike Dillard Reviews- Is magnetic sponsoring a necessary tool or a bunch of malarkey.

Mike Dillard is a successful Internet marketer who is  experienced in various network marketing businesses.

Our Mike Dillard Reviews determined that Mr. Dillard’s journey from being a waiter to becoming a self made millionaire took him just a year and a half to complete.

Mike Dillard has progressed from what we would say is rock bottom, literally struggling to eat, to being one of the fore most sources of advice in the world of network marketing, internet marketing and now investing.

A key to our Mike Dillard Reviews was we learned he advocates using marketing systems to attract leads rather than using cold calling and using network marketing type meetings to build referrals.We would now call the latter ways “old school techniques” . We all would run out of friends and family if we were to market only to them, don’t you agree? We NEVER start new people off marketing to friends and family!

Magnetic Sponsoring is his flagship network marketing product that we feel put him on the map. It is a product that has taken the network marketing industry by storm in recent times.

mike dillard reviews

The system teaches you how to find your target (niche) market and attract leads to come to you rather than chasing them down.This type of marketing is also sometimes called “attraction marketing” which we highly advocate and use daily. We NEVER ever SELL to people. We prefer to Let them make an educated decision. If you think about it, aren’t these type of sales the most pleasant, when it’s YOUR educated decision to buy?

You can learn more about Magnetic Sponsoring by clicking this link, but be sure to read the rest of our info here.

Mr. Dillard has his own personal blog, and is the creator of www.BetterNetworker.com.

Mike Dillard sells many different courses aside from the Magnetic Sponsoring system such as the PPC Domination (a course that teaches you how to use pay per click to generate leads), Building on a Budget course (a budget guide on starting a business),  Black Belt Recruiting (focused on offline sponsoring) and MLM Traffic Formula (the traffic strategies Mike uses to build 600 leads a day). He offers this in an affiliate program where you can use his techniques to then sell his programs and earn income.

We further learned in this Mike Dillard Reviews, that his latest product called The Elevation Group, is an investment portal teaching people how to profit from the biggest wealth transfer of our time and how to invest like the ultra rich. We are glad we found about this wealth transfer stuff. You may want to look into it or email us for details.

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This Mike Dillard Reviews was a pleasure to write as Mike offers sound, straightforward teachings and appears to be a good guy!

Our Mike Dillard reviews will conclude that he is one of few current online marketers that has a pretty straight forward, “in your face” approach, suggesting this is a serious business that does take you/us to do some effort, so we totally like his systems and leadership!



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