Mike Filsaime Reviews

Mike Filsaime Reviews.

Michael J. Filsaime, better known as Mike Filsaime, is an American author, software developer, personal coach, social media expert and business consultant who specializes in Internet Marketing.

You can get his WIKI details here:   Mike Filsaime 

Mike Filsaime claims a monthly income level of $30,000 is attainable by anyone pursuing an internet business. We totally agree with that statement, but it takes a very strict plan to get there, read on.

The question then is if Mike Filsaime and his program offers you the student enough specific information for you to achieve this level of success.

Mike Filsaime

I like Mike Filsaime and his online work. He always to me came across as one that tells it like it is and really cares about your success.

Some of his courses and theories include: Carbon Copy Marketing, in June 2003 and Butterfly Marketing home study course.

Mike Filsaime offers a complete training program including high quality digital video that cover all  levels, on-screen tutorials, and many free tools to help you along your road to success.

Examples of Mike Filsaime’s personal success are included showing you proof that it can work, and suggests that you follow his methods and “carbon copy” them to ensure your success which we totally agree is the way to go. We advise all of our customers to COPY us exactly to see your 1st sale, then once you see YOU can make a sale online, you have the knowledge to never wonder if this will work for you and you will know what you need to do to make it a success.

There are numerous testimonials from Mike Filsaime students of his carbon Copy idea that  give credibility to his systems.

A concern I have is this but it is not just pertaining to Mike Filsaime: when you are new, your questions cover just about everything you can think of. For example, you may see a slow down in traffic that may last several weeks. This may cause you to panic and worse maybe decide to quit! I can tell you many reasons why this could occur possibly saving you from prematurely deciding to throw in the towel; it even can happen when there are major world events happening- everyone seems to be not online looking for a way to make money then.  Your knowledge and support base is what will truly guide you to successful results.

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We give Mike Filsaime 2 thumbs up,more if we had more hands.


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