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This review is about the Mike Larson that authored a book called “America’s Financial Judgement Day” that is published by Weiss Research, the publisher of the Safe Money Report.

There are other people named Mike Larson that are into photography that get some good traffic so we hope this is the person you were looking for.

The book, more of a pamphlet by Mike Larson came in my mail the other day. It has some quite shocking opinions and comments about the future of our economy and that drastic changes are just around the corner.

In the book by Mike Larson he points out 4 “deadly” financial time bombs set to strike on New years day.

mike larson

I’ll list these briefly here:

1. The budget control act of 2011

2. Taxmegeddon

3. The global banking crisis

4. No more fiscal stimulus

I won’ t get into the details of all this here as you really need to read the book, but i can tell you that from my research on our economy and especially the “printing of paper money” that we have done in the last few years, especially since 2008, we really need to wonder how long this can sustain.

Another good read on all this is Mike Maloney’s Guide To Investing In Gold and Silver:
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There are stats and facts in that book that will really open your eyes to how the US dollar and gold are all tied together and worse, how history tends to repeat itself as far as how large countries grow and then eventually collapse due to basically “spending beyond their means”.

The book further offers somes steps to take to protect your family and your valuables/savings.

Now rather than set down and wait for all this bad stuff to happen, what can we do to protect ourselves and families from not having the money to pay our bills.

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Mike Larson has some interesting information many are concerned could happen (but we for sure feel our government leaders will find their way and do the right things for this great country of ours) , so get yourself moving and protect yourself now by starting a solid side income source, we are here to help.




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