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In this MLM Multi Level Marketing Review we will offer our knowledge of what it takes to FIND a successful Network Marketing Online program or company.

Many have joined MLM’s and many see zero success.

MLMThe industry standard for how many people the average person recruits is like 2-3. This will not grow you a large residual income producing home based business.

A lot of this is due to these programs have poor online marketing systems and they still require a lot of “old school” marketing which often is trying to sell your program to your friends and family- your warm market.

Well, if you are like me, I am not a sales person and I surely will not try to sell my business to my friends and family- at least not until I am very successful 🙂

Here are a few key things to look for in any home business:

1. DUPLICATION: the program MUST offer you a way to COPY what others that are seeing sales are doing and it must be fairly easy to do. Duplication of what the successful do, down to you and your downline will assure your business will grow. BUT there is a catch!

2. RETENTION: ok, you found a program that actually is easy to duplicate and you are seeing sales. But, your new customers, after some time still feel like quitting because the retention of members is still too low. This means even though sales are being made, the service or product you are offering in your network marketing company is not sustainable, and people soon quit the program.

You must find a product or service that is priced low and offers huge value beyond what the price is so all customers stay on as paying members. This way you will have a true residual income producing home based business.

Simple put, duplication without retention will not grow a residual income. Retention is really the key to success.

In today’s marketplace there are many MLM’s that offer the latest and greatest lotion, potion, juice, health and wellness supplement, etc. Many are priced and require autoships that most people just cannot afford. Or at least they cannot afford this cost while they are building up their traffic to their online sales system.

There are some MLM programs that will offer best duplication and retention, and many are in the hosting or domains arena.

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