MLM Sponsoring Secrets- Tips To Sky Rocket Your Business

MLM Sponsoring Secrets- Tip To Sky Rocket Your Business

So you joined your first MLM and you need to know the secret to growing a downline.

Do you think there are MLM Sponsoring Secrets that the successful MLM leaders only know?

Well, I was fortunate enough to have been mentored by a guy that grew several downlines in different businesses.

Yes, there are MLM Sponsoring Secrets, so to speak, but they are really more like skills and approaches that if someone that did it and got there didn’t tell you, you may have not done the right thing to help your downline.

Here are some MLM Sponsoring TIPS to help you grow your donwline team into a money making machine:

MLM Sponsoring Secrets

1. Help everyone no matter how much they need. Everyone will have a different work ethic so you will have a team of workers where some will do a lot, some will do a little, but it all adds up to YOUR income, plus they will be happy you took the time to work with them and they will stay long time members. We never know who may turn out to be the next top leader in our businesses and we may just be the one to mentor that person.

2. Choose a SYSTEM that is easy to copy so your new members can quickly get up and running. There are stages to a newbies success and they include a. set up system, b. get traffic/marketing, c. get 1st sale, d. Teach them to follow up like YOU showed them, e. see their  new members get a sale. Folks when this happens YOU have taught DUPLICATION, and your downline can start to grow without YOU doing much.

3. Set specific guidelines for how you will communicate with your new members. It is not easy to Phone everyone and it is very easy to support all by email, and much faster too. So train your new people that yes you can talk some on the phone but to really serve your thousands of downline (yes this will happen) you cannot talk to everyone. I have taught new people by email (skype is good too) that were in India, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and many more countries. I can send and read my 100-200 daily emails but i cannot return my 50++ daily calls. Many are bogus calls from other marketers trying to get me to join their programs so I really have NO time to return those calls.  NEWBIES need to understand this.

The saddest thing I see in my downline is when a new member gets to their first sale, then they make more and more sales, but then after a while they may slow down, quit or look for some other “easier” to build program. The FACT is many people that join them simply won’t follow directions and they expect to have instant downline and they don’t support their downline at all. Their search for a faster /easier to build downline ends with finding nothing simpler.

TOP SECRET:  This is a people business. We don’t really join businesses, we join people that we think are successful and will show us their MLM Sponsoring Secrets. So the TOP secret is help your downline….and downline , work WITH your sponsors.

The number one MLM Sponsoring Secrets we can advise is this: the top earners in ANY MLM said the number one thing they did every day to become successful was RECRUIT- keep looking for those people that will work the business as hard as you do. They are out there and many just need to meet the right sponsor who knows MLM Sponsoring Secrets.

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