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Can You Imagine a Money Makers Blog that Produces  New Income Every Time You Use It…

Money Makers Blog

Money Makers BlogI know you are asking yourself if it is it really possible to create a Money Makers Blog that pulls in cash or sales on automatic pilot while you are enjoying your day?

This blog post is  about the concept of a Money Makers Blog that will help you get a good start in blogging and how to monetize (turn it into an automatic pilot money machine) that blog.

My Secret Money Makers Blog Tips:

1. Select a topic that you have a real interest in such as home based businesses like this blog or drumming, a passion of mine.  You will need to keep the content fresh so it should ideally be on a topic you just simply love to write about or do every day.

2. Select a keyword rich domain name, something related to your blog topic. Do your research to find a keyword related to your topic/niche, then be sure it gets some fr^ee organic traffic. If you do this,  the keyword (rich) domain name itself will bring very targeted traffic to your blog IF you also do some SEO (search engine optimization). Your domain can also be your “brand” name if you feel that in time many will be searching for YOUR brand name.

3. Design the blog  so it is clear and easy to navigate. When someone lands on a website or  blog, people do not want to waste time looking for what they searched for. You have only a few seconds to grab their attention. Cluttered, flashing ,too  busy blogs  ,  in my opinion make most readers dizzy and they will click fast away to another more content rich Money Makers Blog.

4. Usually your prospects eyes will scan your blog from upper left to lower right. Then they scan also from top down. You should try to have your “call to action” type buttons in that eye scanning path. Another key point is to not place important links below the crease. This is below the visible area of the blog when you first land on the blog pages.  If you need to scroll down to get below the crease, then people may not click to your call to action button or link. You would be surprised how much a slight change to this can increase clicks.

5. Be sure to not get discouraged, it may take some time to get enough posts to your Money Makers Blog to see a good level of traffic to turn that into sales. Simple plan: keep posting until you see your first sale. Then post some more!

6. Be personable, friendly,lively, honest,helpful, real, humorous in your posts. People like to be entertained and realize that  you are a real person, earning an income from your Money Makers Blog so try to connect with them.

7. Do not ever “sell” people. Keep in mind they came to your site from your post or domain name and they are looking for that information. When  you offer them the information they exactly searched for, they will see your Money Makers Blog site as a place to get answers and help. They may come back often or tell others, which will grow your traffic and sales.

Once you have gained their trust, they may see your “buy” link and purchase whatever your offer is. You could also use google adsense to get even more monetization of the traffic. Some sites have so much traffic and return visitors that just the ads sold on the site earn a lot of income.

8. Find ways to have your readers or prospects  want to return to your site often. This is how you could get repeat sales to your Money Makers Blog.

The above is very possible and sometimes we need to experiment with what may work best with this as a starting guide. Just changing a banner size or design to click to buy your offer could make a difference in how well it converts your traffic to sales. Changing the sites colors or overall look can also make a difference and some colors are said to be more appealing to the eye, making people want to purchase.

We hope this article offers  you some good key points for creating your own personal Money Makers Blog.  Visit our Money Makers blog opportunity  to learn more.

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