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Are there any real work from home money makers online?  Well, there are a  few  good money makers we know of…

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Why some who attempt to become money makers, fail

For the 98%+ that fail in many programs they would say absolutely not.

For the few % who earn money in these Money Makers they would say, SURE!

Why do some fail and some succeed in online programs?

Keep in mind many that failed in some programs then became a success in another online work from home program.

Let us tell you a couple tips that may help this mystery become your path to success.

I wish i had this information when I was struggling to find a true Money Makers program.


Nowadays with the global economy as it is, it is not easy to make a sale online. It may take more prospects to make one sale. A few years ago you could sell a $997 offer and people would buy it without you ever needing to talk to them. Now, anything more than $50 often takes you to call and close these sales.

How many of you in programs you tried, made these calls and were you able to close the sale?

Read on…

TIP #2:

It takes less prospects to make a sale at $10 than $50 or more so you need to generate less traffic. Now to get even one $10 Money Makers sale you may need to get 15-20 opt ins. And to get those opt ins you may need 150-200 prospects.

So getting this traffic is where may fail. They think posting one ad on Craigs List will get a flood of traffic. Well, we don’t advertise on Craigs list or other classified ad places but you may need 100 ads a day to see decent traffic.

So ,we see so far that to have a Money Makers program we need to:

1. select a business program that is low cost because it converts to sales faster with less traffic and

2. use a low cost program so the website makes the sales for us and we don’t need to rely on our skills to cold call people and try to get them to join.

Did you know that the best way to sell someone is to NOT sell them?

Simply educate them on your offer and they will either see the potential or not.

Your job as a Money Makers marketer is to give the prospect what they need to make an informed decision to buy.

Money Makers

Now for a FREE SUPER Money Makers TIP:

The very best type of program to join is a residual income earner. This is where you make a sale today and for many month down the road you keep getting paid on that sale. You work once to earn over and over.

One top rated program that meets all these criteria is Global Domains International,Inc. Yes many have failed at GDI, but sadly they all were not explained the work needed and systems used to make easy Money Makers sales.

You would do your self and family well to look into GDI and find a sponsor that is successful and offers one on one support to learn how to make a sale online.

Once you make that first sale and taste that Money Makers residual income you will be unstoppable.

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