Multi Level Marketing Strategy

So you are looking for a Multi Level Marketing Strategy?

Well, we can help that.

Last check we had 13,000 members in our downline (some quit; but that;s part of the deal) and we did that with our high converting capture page, aweber followup emails, and traffic to our simple to learn multi level marketing strategy system.

When we get asked for a Multi Level Marketing Strategy, we offer these tips:

multi level marketing strategy

1. Learn what Multi level Marketing is. It is not a PYRAMID!   GEEEEZ already. If MLM’s were pyramids they would be in Egypt. Just kidding, they would be shut down because pyramids are illegal… onto the important stuff.

2. Find a mentor. You can’t learn online marketing ONLY from videos and trainings. You need someone you can ask all those “dumb” questions to…so you really get this down pat. (there are no DUMB questions. The only dumb questions are the ones we don’t ask.

3. Learn some simple form of traffic generation. We use list builders to get people started. We set a goal of getting their 1st sale online and NOT from a friend or family.

4. Understand that sending ONE solo ad to 3000 people is NOT a lot of traffic.  Sending to say 10 times that is starting to be a lot of traffic.

5. Find a PROVEN system that makes sales without you needing to cold call or close sales.

6. Work hard every day to build traffic to this system.

So, that’s your Multi Level Marketing strategy. Seems pretty simple.

The most important thing t do here is to TAKE ACTION.

Many people join some multi level marketing strategy system and quit in a few weeks. They never ask questions. They don’t follow the system.

We have been online for 6 years and we COPY other systems that work. It is an art to design a system that will make killer sales.

One other Multi Level Marketing Strategy for you is to NEVER GIVE UP. Allow 1 solid year initially to build your traffic and business.

The high end earners outsource the many tasks of building traffic but this comes when your business is in profit.

We can show you how to start w/ a $10 program, and build it to a solid 4 or 5 figure residual income source.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
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Multi Level Marketing Strategy is easy if you follow directions.

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