Multi Level Marketing Tips

Multi Level Marketing Tips.

Having been a past failure of MLM’s and then found our secret to success we can definitely offer you some Multi Level Marketing Tips so you see results and success much faster than we did.

Notice we said we did not achieve immediate success?

Don’t be discouraged when you may join the wrong program for you. These are all learning situations that bring you to the right solution.

Multi Level Marketing Tips can help speed up the process.

One of the first things to do when selecting a MLM is to decide of you wish to need to call people or talk to people on the phone or by skype to sell them your product or service.

There are basically two types of MLM programs, those that sell from a website, and those that need MORE selling effort.

This is due to the product type and the cost.

Multi Level Marketing Tips

Usually anything over $50 nowadays seems to need personal “selling” contact before people will buy.

However, that also depends on the item you are selling.

If the item is tangible, or something you can wear, or consume, then often we need to put our sales hats on and make calls to our prospects to get them to buy.

If the cost of the item is way up there, like $100, $200, $1000 or more, then those almost always need you to make the sale. There are some exceptions, like where the product is more of a downloadable item; those may sell without your sales efforts.

If that sounds like something you don’t want to do, then you need to find a work at home business program that sells totally from the prospect seeing your website, then buying.

We have found that the lotions, potions, food, coffee and items like this do not sell well online. The reason we feel is they need more explanation than some other program where maybe you just join, pay a fee and earn from some daily tasks required.


One of the most important parts of Multi Level Marketing Success is learning to develop traffic.

Multi Level Marketing Tips will say very clearly, if you don’t learn or understand how traffic flows, you will fail. This isn’t because the program does not work, but because you did not get enough traffic to your system to get a sale.

A very rough rule of thumb is 1 in 100 people will either buy or opt into your offer. Yes ONE HUNDRED!

So if you joined a program, posted 2 ads and set back waiting for the money to roll in, it simply will not happen.

Also, as a Multi Level Marketing Tips not all traffic is equal. Many program suggest to start with free classified ads. That is fine but they are often the least quality. List builders are better. Safelists we avoid as they take too much time. Traffic exchanges- work very slow if at all. Blogs and review sites or PPC (pay per click) are some of the best quality niche traffic.

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We hope our Multi Level Marketing Tips are helpful and we have many more once we see you as a team member.


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