My Shopping Genie Review- Can MSG Make Money For You?

As a member of My Shopping Genie ( for over a year, we can say we did earn some distributor commissions and earnings from when people downloaded the free application.

My Shopping GenieHowever around the time of July 2010 and onward, we did not receive any more monthly commission checks from My Shopping Genie.

More on that in a second, but a little about what My Shopping Genie (aka “Genie) is.

To promote the MSG software download you need to be a distributor that runs $199 (One time cost), then you need a monthly subscription at $39.

You can then give out your free link to people who can load it on their computer and in doing so, it will help them find the lowest cost prices when they shop online.

For example if you searched online for any product, it will automatically give you comparative pricing from various sites that sell that product. So you can select the lowest price.

This worked very well, and was a nice addition to our sales funnel in our top rated program.

We used this free offer as a “free funded proposal”, meaning if a prospect used it, they could save money. That money savings could easily be applied to starting a home based business- so we helped get new people started that felt they had no money to do so.

Unfortunately, as mentioned we have not received any commissions checks since around July 2010. We sent at least 3 support tickets as did our sponsor and we all got the same response. That MSG was almost done with their “switch over” to a new “company” or something and the checks will be sent shortly. Well, after waiting 3 or so months (it has been 6+ months) , we had to move on and let the commissions be our loss.

Hopefully My Shopping Genie will resolve their payment issues and square up with their distributors.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
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Given the above we would not suggest you look into My Shopping Genie in 2012 as we did in 2010, as you will only get complaints from your down line and they will ask you if it is a scam.

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