Network Marketing Business Opportunities

Network Marketing Business Opportunities

There are thousands of Network Marketing Business Opportunities on and offline.

How to know which one will work. Or better said, which one will suit YOU best?

Let us explain how to find the Network Marketing Business Opportunities that may be best suited for your personality and temperament.

There are TWO main types of Network Marketing Business Opportunities in our opinion.

Network Marketing Business Opportunities

1. The type where you need to make phone calls, explain the product, buy inventory, and make sales.

2. The type where the website makes the sales for you. You rarely need to interface directly with the prospects so the sales happen while you are sleeping, working, eating dinner; it all happens without your direct efforts. You do need to learn to get traffic to these pages which we can help.

So which Network Marketing Business Opportunities suits you more?

For us we prefer #2. YES will will interact with our prospects when they email us a question about our business, and for sure we will help them once we see they joined our #1 business.

But in general, all of our sales happen automatically.

As far as #1, if you are a people person and like to talk on the phone, possibly hold parties to show your products, then that may be where you excel.

The types of programs that fall under #1 include things like cosmetics, lotions and potions, food, vitamins, diet products, health supplements. You may recall Amway (Quixtar) and other companies like this. Then there are things like children’s books and even utility stonework marketing companies.

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We have found that Network Marketing Business Opportunities like #1 (lotions, cosmetics, food, diet supplements and all) do not sell online very well. You need to followup with phone calls to make that “sales” connection. Then most people are poor at sales so that type of business tends to require you finding like minded “salesy” people.

The #2 type often sells things like “get rich quick” programs which we DO NOT favor. Then there are more legit things like our top program where we sell domain names and hosting services. EVERYone online needs a website…hint.

We hope this Network Marketing Business Opportunities helped clear some things up so you can see nice success.



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